Why Do We Need Pest Control in the Summer Season

Pest Control

Pest prevention is extremely important during the summer season. From rodents to bugs to lizards, they all have the ability to destroy our property. They make it unsafe and unsanitary. Not just that, if something is severely damaged inside your house, you could end up spending a whole lot of money getting your business done. Professional surveys also say that homes that are filled with pests tend to damage homes more than anything else. If you don’t believe us, here are some reasons that will definitely convince you.

Why pest control in the summer season

Temperatures are always rising

During summer, the temperatures are always on the rise. Because of that, animals who hibernate for several months and lie underneath the surface suddenly spring up and reach all extreme heights. Even ants who lie deep within the ground suddenly come out in order to avoid all the heat. This also means that temperature hikes make pests far more active until they reach the point where they want to come out and feel the cool air outside. As a result of that, we get to see more pests and animals than others.

The moisture levels make a big difference

We all know that water is needed for survival and because of that several pest who live in moist places tend to step out even more. Moisture tends to have a great impact. Because of that, summer showers have a high rate of humidity which makes them favourable in many conditions. During the drought season, pests will move inside and seek areas that are damp for shelter.

Strong heat and light

Summer also means that your days will be longer and nights shorter. Spending several hours in sunlight gives several pests a lot of time to simply feed. This also means that you will end up seeing pests often as they also want to enjoy their time outdoors as humans do. Companies that offer pest control in Boise, however, offer many facilities that can combat issues related to pests during the summer season.

Sources of food

If you want to spend the whole weekend mowing the entire lawn at home, you will know that the grass and much other vegetation is more abundant during the summer season. What will eat you up during if someone offers you buffet during the afternoon? All of it, right? That is the same thing with pests. This can also lead to a whole increase in the population of pests until the source of foods have been fully depleted and the pests have moved on.

Life Cycle

Several pests happen to be cold blooded and because of that, they are impacted by the weather. This leads to a lot more increase in the activity as their life cycle also experiences changes during the summer season. Ants also increase in size severely during this point and they reproduce a lot in order to make sure that they are well settled and good to go during the winter months when the season becomes dormant and boring.