Definition of social media monitoring and how it is important


Social media monitoring is the act of analysing information of your brand with sentiments of your clients online. For illustration the sample size is enormous as it takes into account all message boards, review boards along with social media platforms.

To manually track all the content generated by users proves to be a difficult task. This seems to be an impossible affair as software tools can crawl and index the websites. The content becomes easily traceable and queries are modelled as per conversation strings or queries.

Feedback on a real time basis

Feedback ceases to be negative and positive. They lead to a strategic path and contribute to the path of success. By obtaining feedback it can contribute to the improvement of services, products or your overall strategies. Feedback does not relate to your existing product or service. Tracking of everyday brand provides you useful feedback without the need to actively search for it. There is an element of surprise in real time feedback as you can listen to the wishes and demands of customers. To modify and incorporating a new improved version goes a long way is bound to surprise your client base.

An example of a company which paid considerable attention to voice of customers is Dominos. They went on to social media and found out customers complaint that their pizza tasted like cardboard. They went on to re- invent their pizza. This showcases the fact on how much you end up missing if you do not pay attention to social media monitoring.

Identify your critics and admirers

The best social media monitoring tools can be your greatest friend and critic. Embracing both of them can lead to an improvement of your business strategy. Critics can help you improve as a brand whereas positive views would enable you to make your presence felt. Engaging and interacting would make you feel better and possibility of critic turning into customer also exists. The moment you engage with your customer you develop positive image about your product. They can turn as active ambassadors and contribute to positive aspect of your sales.

To be in line with trends

You are in food business dished out Chinese cuisine. The city is buzz with the latest of the year’s biggest Chinese festival and all restaurants are planning to put by a stall. This story is one of the latest trends in the domain of social media. You failed to catch on to the buzz as you did not undertake social media monitoring and missed out on all the fun. By staying in line with the popular trends of the market, you are better informed and in line with marketing efforts.

To conclude, social media monitoring is not an activity where you idle your time. It is under the preview of social intelligence. The moment you start off with the campaign of social media monitoring, you can gain vital insights by learning the art of social intelligence and social learning not being too hard.