Business litigation attorney, Clear water

Business litigation attorney, Clear water

Business litigation lawyer’s deal with the disputes that arise during the transactions from the client’s to companies. These include the issues that involve contracts, liabilities, partnerships, and shareholders. As the litigation comes with inherent risk, understanding the risks of business is highly important.

Clear water business litigation lawyer Mr. Andrew J. Mongelluzzi focuses mainly on defending or resolving the disputes between the companies and any other parties. Litigation cases such as breach of contract, tortuous conduct, and business attendant wrongs are handled.


Smaller firms with long-term business needs might often face inherent business risks that need specialization in various areas such as

  • Business formation:

Most of the common businesses need a higher degree of protection for personal liability. Here are some of the attributes that form a business and help in incorporating it.

  1. 1. Well-Established management along with its corporate employees
  2. 2. Stock benefits and stock options for their own employees
  • Business litigation:

Business litigation initiates proactive guidance, progressive thinking, and timely response opportunities. It includes threats and business risks that are formed due to extensive litigation. Clear water business litigation lawyer Mr. Andrew J. Mongelluzzi focuses on

  1. Appellate practice
  2. Sale of goods and warranties
  3. Real estate litigation
  4. Complex contract litigation
  5. Government creditors’ rights
  6. Health and safety compliances
  7. Banking litigation
  8. Leader liability
  • Shareholder disputes:

Shareholder litigation is brought by the shareholders on behalf of a corporation against third-party. This third-party may be a director or an executive officer.

  • Certified circuit civil mediation:

Attorneys under the Clear water business litigation have certified circuit civil mediation. This is because most of the third parties choose their own mediators for circuit cases.

  • Collection matters:

These types of cases arise when the customers did not pay the money for the goods that they have purchased. Both state and federal government adhere to strict procedures and sue the unfair parties.

  • Construction law:

It involves all the legal issues that are related to the construction of a building or other structure. It comprises of building construction, engineering works, and other related fields.

  • Contract law:

Contracts between various parties are framed and validated under this section. It includes agreements such as bills of sale, employment agreements, purchase orders, etc.

  • Partnership disputes:

A well-drafted partnership agreement relates and resolves partnership dispute that arises due to:

  1. Management/personality conflicts
  2. Secret profits
  3. The underperformance of a partner in business
  4. Conflicting interests

Attorneys of Clear water solve these kinds of disputes by either negotiating or processing the case to the court for settlement.

  • Business dissolution:

As most of the businesses officially dissolve the tax filings and debt records, business dissolution occurs when the company or the business is terminated and then the property is redistributed.

Final words:

Decent and well-balanced business litigation is essential for the smooth functioning of business and to avoid all the possible disputes in the future. Many non-profit organizations also receive remarkable benefits from the attorney by resolving their complex legal concepts. All issues are handled professionally with a defined outcome.