5 tips how to generate more leads in 2021

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Acquiring sales leads is the goal of most online marketing activities. However, this is not an easy task, and an inappropriate approach to generating leads may bring about the opposite of the desired effects. What are leads, what is lead generation, how does lead generation work and how to get them? Learn 5 tips on how to get more leads!

Lead is a person (or company) who has shown an interest in certain services or products. This is a potential customer who may have a shopping need in the near future and has an allocated budget for it.

Lead generation therefore is the process of collecting contact data to potential customers using appropriate tools, technologies and marketing campaigns. There are many types of campaigns that aim for lead generation. In the first stage, they usually focus on attracting the attention of people who are potentially interested in a given industry, product or service, and then on obtaining data for these people.

The next stage consists in the classification of the acquired contacts (in order to estimate their readiness for purchase) and a series of activities aimed at “dragging” the obtained lead through the sales funnel via customer engagement until the product is purchased or the service is used. Lead generation can take several forms. How to get more leads?

Content marketing is one of the best ways to get leads. This term means the creation, distribution and promotion of valuable content that meets the needs of customers. The content prepared by companies should implement the communication strategy, and at the same time fit into the consumer insight, i.e. the in-depth need of the target group. What content marketing materials can be used to generate leads? These include e-books, case studies, reports, online courses, webinars and virtual events, presentations, expert articles, guides, company blogs and more. It all depends on what industry you represent and what is the right format for your target group.

#2 Leverage SEO

SEO is also a great way to generate leads. Optimizing the website in terms of gaining high positions in the Google search engine is one of the ways to gain traffic to the website, and thus, to get sales leads. How SEO helps you get leads? You optimize the website for keywords related to your business and increase the site’s position in the search ranking. When potential customers search for these keywords, they find and enter your page in the search results. This way you get organic traffic to your website. If the content on your page meets the needs of your visitors, you have the chance to turn into potential customers and ultimately make a sale. In addition to the fact that the website should contain valuable content tailored to the target group, the website must also be adapted to lead generation, i.e. contain various types of forms and call to action.

#3 Don’t forget about remarketing

An Internet user who enters the site, only a small percentage of it will behave as if its owner expected it. This is dictated by many factors, including the fear that the competition may sell a given product or service cheaper and therefore it would be worth checking it for them. However, one should not disregard such a visit to the website and, even more so, take steps to ensure that he returns by taking the action expected of him. Remarketing activities are attractively priced in relation to the conversion rate they can achieve. Hence, the use of remarketing cannot be omitted when planning an effective campaign, because the sales lead obtained in this way is a valuable and already aware customer. For example, if you promote your betting mobile app, you can send a marketing campaign to those who visited your website before and generate leads in-app.

#4 Analyze like a pro

There is no doubt that one of the key issues in the process of acquiring sales leads is monitoring and researching the effects of marketing activities. Regardless of whether the activities are paid or not, getting to know both those that bring the expected results and those that turn out to be unnecessary is very valuable information for the future. There is no rule that certain actions will bring identical results even to companies with a similar nature of activity. Hence, measurements become so important and when planning any social media marketing activities, it is worth remembering about them at the very beginning. You should discover why your site doesn’t convert – no guess work here.

#5 Make the most of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing consists of recommending products and services on various websites and in social media. Publishers who promote their chosen products and services online and are rewarded by advertisers with commission for the sales they generate. Sales are monitored thanks to a special affiliate management software that leads users from the publisher to the advertiser’s website.

Paying for performance, not for clicks, makes this a low-risk form of marketing. You will not use your marketing budget to create leads that require subsequent maintenance. Instead, you will acquire direct customers with whom you can then build and develop relationships at the right time in the purchasing cycle.

Additionally, putting your marketing in the hands of your partners frees up some time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

A few words of conclusion

Obtaining sales leads is a difficult and demanding process. The commitment of resources and time, and the right choice of media and ways to reach a really key audience is a real art. Unfortunately, there is no golden measure for success, and with such an intensively developing market of Internet services, it becomes an increasingly difficult task. Fortunately, the list of ways and ways to reach the customer turns out to be quite large and is not closed. The only thing that can close the number of ideas for acquiring a client is your imagination, which fortunately provides unlimited amounts of creativity. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of ideas that have already been proven, but also creating new ones that will allow us to survive in such a competitive market.