Accelerate document management with signNow e-signature

Electronic signatures are an indisputable element of digital transformation. They quickly become a key component of almost every business process, since the benefits of online technology are becoming more and more evident. Anyone who has ever signed anything electronically with signNow recognizes the simplicity, convenience, and security of electronic signatures. It provides organizations of all sizes, forms, and industries with the potential to improve their internal operations and establish successful relationships with partners and customers all around the world.

Before you choose an online solution to guide you through your organization’s stages of digital transformation, you should familiarize yourself with the ESIGN Act to be sure the solution you choose is secure for both you and your costumes and partners. Learn why electronic signing and online document management is considerably faster, easier, and more secure than dealing with traditional paper-based processes; a.k.a. the slow and expensive way.

Digital transformation via signNow: e-signature and ease of use

While computer technology has become an integral part of many enterprises, paperwork in many organizations is handled and stored physically. Nevertheless, digital transformation is gradually being adopted in various industries: finance, education, healthcare, manufacturing, legal services, etc.

Digitalization means that you can create documents on your desktop or mobile devices, e-sign them, and share them with the help of an online platform, like signNow. Both small businesses and large corporations with a branched structure and numerous offices benefit from e-signing documents.

signNow is a legally-binding e-signature solution and features a fully configurable platform for automating document workflows with no coding skills or developers necessary. It lowers your costs, saves time, and elevates the customer experience by automating paper processes.

Key features of signNow:

  • E-signing in a role-based order. Customize the signing process by adding multiple fields to a form or contract, assigning signers to those fields, and specifying the order in which each recipient is to sign.

  • Bulk signature invites. Simplify the signing process and eliminate misunderstandings between participants using Bulk invite. Create a single template, and then import a list of users you want to invite. Each added email will receive a copy to sign.

  • Branded workflows. Make your workflows look more professional and recognizable by branding them with your logo. Customize notification emails and communications.

  • Online fillable forms. Create professional and customizable web forms that are easier and faster for your recipients to complete. Simply drag and drop fillable fields where you need on your webpage and turn it into a reusable template.

  • Shared data for teams. Improve collaboration on projects using shared folders for teams. Create folders, put the required records there, and share them with involved users. Stay assured knowing everyone has access to the right data.

  • Audit Trail. Stay on top of all document changes and signing events using the Audit Log. Download Document History with unique ID numbers, IP addresses, timestamps for each user who worked on the document.

  • Powerful API. Get complete access to all signNow’s advanced features with an easy-to-integrate API. Detailed documentation and expert help will make the integration a breeze. Track the embedded invite calls in your API Dashboard.

The future of work: the immediate benefits of e-signature

Enhance your electronic transactions by implementing signNow. Get more benefits from the e-signature solution that’s already trusted by millions of users.

  • Maintain company brand

It’s your business. signNow provides you with all the needed tools for managing professional workflows with your company’s branding added. Get your company recognized as future-forward.

  • Increase team productivity

All company structures can work within a single integrated environment. This enables faster document negotiation and decision making.

  • Simplify complex workflows

A well-configured e-signature workflow allows you to add and edit multiple signers in just a few simple clicks. You can also add expiration dates and passwords for protecting confidential data, request payments, and enable/disable further forwarding of your record.

  • Get contracts signed faster

You need to be able to create accurate documents and reusable templates with fillable fields. Smart fillable fields make the signing process easy for your signers, allowing you to get approved forms faster while even collecting payments.

  • Approve forms on any device

Legally-executed forms and contracts are crucial. Upload a photo of your handwritten signature, type your full name, or simply draw your e-signature on desktop or mobile using your mouse or touchpad. Once created, you can reuse your signature anytime.

  • Work continuously

Solutions like signNow that allow you to access records from different devices via data synchronization within a single user account allow you to quickly find and edit documents, even from mobile while offline.

Processing and executing tasks take less time due to the fact that by using signNow you can create, sign, search, and send digital documents much faster than you can ordinary pieces of paper. In addition, you have various kinds of automatically generated reports, audits, and registers. As a result, you increase performance and speed, which leads to a noticeable optimization of business processes.

Get more than just e-signature

signNow is a part of the airSlate Business Cloud which means that you’re covered back to back. Benefit from the valuable no-code integrations you need at every step of your journey through digital transformation. Robotic Process Automation, contract negotiation, document generation, a full-featured PDF editor and web forms, and a mobile-ready e-signature solution – all in one secure business productivity environment. Benefit from the suite of tools for automating and connecting your entire business.

Unlock more features to elevate your team’s performance with no overpay or third-party interaction.


Supply Chain Survival: How to Keep Your Supply Chain Alive Post-Pandemic

The supply chain industry was hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic because many governments decided, and rightfully so, to pretty much shutter entire cities and industries in the first days of the outbreak.

Now that we’re slowly getting back up on our feet, how can companies restart their supply chains and how do they make it thrive in the new normal?

Back to Basics: Multiple Suppliers are Better Than One

In general, it’s always better to have multiple, diverse suppliers than relying on one. Whether you’re a multinational or a startup, this is one of the basics of business. Sure, having just one supplier for all your needs means it’s cheaper and paperwork is less. But that’s no longer true in our post-pandemic world.

During the first few days of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, businesses that had dual-or-more sourcing for their products or services felt the impact of the pandemic much less than their counterparts with single sources. Unfortunately, the outbreak started in China, where most manufacturers source materials and labor. But over recent months, the Asian giant has managed to recover from the ill-effects of the virus and many smaller suppliers are starting to reopen shop. If your company switched over to multiple-sourcing, this would be a boon for business.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Has Management Solutions

One of the reasons companies choose to go for a single source for manufacturing, other than loyalty and cheaper pricing, is supply chain management. Multiple sources means multiple people to deal with, meaning you’ll need multiple management schemes to ensure everything is going as smoothly as possible. This means you need to spend more time and effort to keep everything in order.

But if there’s anything the Fourth Industrial Revolution (i.e. the birth of the digital business space) has taught us is that there will always be a cheap, efficient, readily available, and easy-to-use digital solution for any business problem. In the modern world, secure business operations, particularly for your supply chain, means relying on block-chain, Big Data, cloud computing, and so many other digital solutions to help you keep track of and manage multiple sources.

Robot Deliveries

So let’s say you’ve got your supply chain all figured out: multiple sources means you have an uninterrupted flow of goods, your manufacturing processes are following stringent government regulations, and you’re ready to deliver your products to your customers. But how can you further minimize person-to-person contact in a process that requires it?

Simple: pay online and use robots to deliver your products.

Decades ago, these options may not have been feasible because they would have been too costly or still in their infancy to deliver favorable results. But today, online transactions and robotics in commerce has become a necessity, if not smart strategies for businesses.

The early 2010’s saw major companies like Amazon experiment with drone-delivered packages. But it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that companies began to see the huge benefit of having automated delivery systems that took the human element out of the equation.

The future is today and the future is safe, all-digital, and helped by robots.


Pump up the volume – Soundcloud plays!

If you are reading this, then you are almost certainly a young musician who has just stepped on the path to success. Tracks are recorded, uploaded to SoundCloud, and plays are gradually gaining. But are you satisfied with the result? I am sure that as a performer you understand that you can never stop there. And the audience must grow and grow. You can help this by buying SoundCloud plays. So you can spread your creativity to a huge audience of the service, and rise to the top of the ratings.

The service is intended mainly for the storage and distribution of digitized music, and elements of a social network are of secondary importance. But their capabilities are more than enough for a talented performer to be noticed by producers or other representatives of the music industry. But, as you already guessed, just placing your ingenious track and waiting until you will be asked to become new lead-singer of “OK GO” is almost pointless. As in other social networks, promotion to a certain level is simply necessary.

To get into the SoundCloud top charts you should consider the best way to shout your name around the world, to the entire huge audience of the service, which can lead to the fact that well-known producers will notice you, and your star that will appear on the Walk of Fame. I’m sure this is what you dreamed about when you uploaded your first track.

Now the service has more than half a million active users from all over the world. You do not need to register for listening, any track you like can be instantly shared on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others. This is one of the reasons why hundreds of thousands of people remain faithful to this service, and all of them can become your regular listeners if you only make a couple of clicks on the computer. This is not at all difficult, and the result will pleasantly surprise you, because your noble goal is successful self-realization.

But even if the composition is unique and inimitable, it is in most cases difficult to popularize. famous artists, industry giants, are constantly listened to by millions of fans, and the number of plays on their tracks breaks all records. It’s hard to break through such an obstacle even for very talented people, and you are just like that! However, buying SoundCloud plays will help highlight the track and you, its creator, among many other competitors. Do not miss your chance to become popular. Do not stop yourself from becoming the best of the best!


Differences between Aluminum Ladder Racks and Steel Ladder Racks

Everyone who is familiar with ladder racks will probably also know that there are two main materials that define them. People who are in the market for a ladder rack, looking to upgrade their vehicle, can either buy an aluminum ladder rack or a steel ladder rack. These two materials are quite common in everyday life and everything surrounding us. They are strong metals that provide a sense of stability and durability to everything they are associated with. However, their characteristics differ from one another, which in turn means aluminum and steel ladder racks are different as well.

Choosing between the two can be a bit tricky, especially if you are not familiar with the main features of each option and what they bring to the table. Here are listed some of the main characteristics of both categories, exposing the differences between aluminum and steel ladder racks.

Benefits of aluminum ladder racks

One of the main benefits of an aluminum ladder rack is its weight. As a lightweight material, this ensemble is easy to mount on the top of any vehicle and does not make it much heavier. This in turn means that the vehicle can maintain its normal fuel consumption and speed, whether with or without the ladder rack. This is also an advantage when it comes to cargo vehicles that should keep their weight to a certain number.

In addition, aluminum ladder racks are coated in a special material which does not allow them to get rusty. This means that it can preserve its initial look through time and always seem like a new and attractive addition to your vehicle.

Advantages of steel ladder racks

Probably the main advantage of a steel ladder rack comes down to cost. In general steel racks are cheaper than aluminum racks when it comes to the same model with the same features. In addition, steel ladder racks are known to be very strong and durable as the material itself and they are more resistant when it comes to bending. Also, similar to aluminum ladder racks, steel ones also can be coated to protect their surface, however they do not provide the same aesthetically pleasing look that the material of aluminum does.

All in all, ignoring cost and just looking at features, the main difference between an aluminum ladder rack and a steel ladder rack is weight. Therefore when you are choosing a ladder rack to buy, you need to keep in mind what kind of vehicle you have and what kind of job you need the rack for. Basically your vehicle needs to be able to support the weight of the ladder rack without hurting its performance. Just the same, the ladder rack needs to support the ladder type you use for your job. The best solution might be a universal ladder rack that fits your vehicle’s weight specifications. Whether it is steel or aluminum, it all depends on that!


How the Travel Industry is Being Transformed by Technology

Travel agencies and guide used as a requirement to safely travel around the world, word-of-mouth recommendations were essential for an enjoyable holiday and reviews were read in leaflets that holiday companies choose what to publish. This is no longer the case, although some people still like to receive the full package in the travel agents, it’s not the cheapest option and doesn’t guarantee a perfect holiday. With so many break achievements in the technology sector, it has revolutionised the travel industry, travellers can book a complete holiday online, sleep in a stranger’s house to keep costs down and check online reviews to assure safety in unfamiliar places.

The Best Prices

The digital age has changed everything we can do with travel, most generations are now DIY travellers choosing every detail of their holiday online at the most competitive prices. The dependency of technology has even created companies that specific expertise is to compare holiday prices to assure you get the best deal with having to scroll through all the options.


Modern technology has taken its toll on some high-street travel agents which is always a shame, other agencies acknowledged the new market and adapted to flow with the new demand for an online cheaper experience. Giving holiday shoppers the option to book online with a known dependable brand.


The biggest companies chose to adapt to everyone’s needs, Thomas Cook, for example, gives all the shopper the option to book in stores, over the phone or on whichever internet device they choose to use. This approach fulfils the needs of every generation and offers everyone the same dependable service.

Alternative Accommodation

Hotels are not the only option whilst travelling anymore. Thanks to the internet users can search for Airbnb’s for either cheaper or more luxurious accommodation whilst abroad, being able to rent apartments or other homes for short periods of time to avoid paying excess hotel changes. Another website that is expanding is Showbox apk 2020 android , if you’re travelling on a very low budget you can see if anyone locally has a room (or couch) for you to sleep in. the site assures safety with background checks on both parties to assures everyone remains content. Reviews are left to build your credibility up so when you’d like to travel or receive visitors from a distant land you’ll be a top candidate.

Small Business Awareness

With the previous methods of travel large businesses could manipulate where holiday goers visited by advertising and seeming like the only dependable option. With the online world now anyone can review travel locations and a good review can attract customers to smaller more authentic experiences.

Online Check-in

Although in recent years due to security processes, being at the airport can be a timely process. However, it could be a lot longer, with advanced mobile app development online check-ins speed up the process of waiting around in ques. Being able to check in a few days before a holiday is occurring has created ease for both airports and customers to focus on more important safety measures.

Room for Improvement

This report from mobile app development company Apadmi shows that holidaymakers want mobile technology to advance help improve the customer relationship and experience whilst booking a holiday. Similar reports can be found that back up this statistic and mobile apps are a key point to increases the user’s experience.

A plus to improvements is that feedback can be left with confidence, some customer might not be the types to complain or make request whilst abroad or after a holiday but with email and messenger systems feedback can be left to improve services or help improve a customer’s current say in a hotel for example.

Technology is only improving as we move forward, so the feedback from recent reports should fulfil the customer needs in the future. Technology is proving to manipulated the traveller’s choices and freedom but it’s also starting to help make holiday choices using previous statics on what you’ve enjoyed, this might not be a service everyone love but might help users make the right decision on their future travels.


Control Industrial Humidity by Industrial Humidity Control Systems

There are great changes in the humidity in the industry due to various operations which are taking place there. Some of these operations include releasing of steam or hot gases, moisture evaporation from the body of the employees. This contributes to the moisture content at the place where it is to be maintained.

This moisture content at the place is required to be maintained by various means so that moisture is maintained at the place with the required degree of moisture content. It will thus result in more efficient industrial work output as compared to the conventional work being done. As employees are feeling comfortable to work in the industrial environment it will result in more work output.

Need of Industrial Humidity Control Systems

There are great changes in the industrial humidity due to various industrial applications. Operation of various equipment of the industry is leading to the changes in the moisture content of the industry. We need to keep these changes of the moisture content to the limited level so that all of the employees which are there are working in a favourable environment for most work output.

Numerous control systems are available which can function to keep the moisture content of the location under favourable conditions. These devices work based on the required application and requirement for maintaining the moisture at the desired application. Even there are some of the automatic industrial humidity control systems which are working in a smarter way to maintain the desired moisture.

These control systems are also sometimes in sync with the dehumidifiers and also in some cases misting fans. This will ensure that they are capable of functioning in a way to obtain the desired moisture level based on the application.

Features of Industrial Humidity Control Systems

These industrial humidity control systems are also working in a way that can be controlled remotely. As a result of that, an individual is capable of controlling the same from a remote location without any kind of difficulty. This kind of system is also ideal to be utilized to be used both in the cases of industrial and even for the case of commercial applications.

A display is even available to showcase the value of humidity at the desired location. This will make sure that humidity level is controlled based on the required levels. For automatic functioning, there is also a system for sensing the current humidity levels at the desired location.

Its setup is quite friendly to the user which is having an additional facility of push buttons which can be operated manually. It even consists its own separate power module which makes it easier to be operated in a remote mode. It also consists of its own sensing range which is suitable to be utilized for the desired application.


Thus there are numerous humidity control systems which are capable of controlling the humidity of the desired location. They are having numerous functionality which is application specific and hence they are widely capable to perform based on the application which is desired from those humidifiers.