How Should I Go About Choosing the Best Digital Media Training

For anybody out there who has a keen interest in pursuing a career in the creation of digital content, (with the latest in state of the art tools), the best digital media training should be a priority on your to-do list.

Getting involved with an all-round programme will include taking classes in:

  • Video production
  • Web design
  • Audio production
  • Streaming video
  • Broadcasting
  • Graphic design

This type of digital media training will also expose you to various media hardware and software applications, to help you gain the practical experience and skills required to find employment in a top class production company in UAE, in an ever expanding industry.

Definitely a Competitive Business

TV, film production, and web design are all tied together by their links to digital media, and various techniques used by professionals who had expert training from the best known schools, university or video production companies.

  • Study of this type will require students who will not only be hard working during their period of education, but who are also determined.

Out there in such a competitive world as there is in digital media, if you stand out with a unique set of skills, you can make your way to immediate success. By just surfing online, watching TV advertising, corporate video productions or simply watching a major film, you will understand what is required to succeed in your career choice.

  • You will need to ensure that the level of digital media training which you’re looking for is fully provided for all of your expectations.

Make Sure to do the Research

When seeking somewhere which claims to be specialists in digital media production, try doing the research and select a small number which have all of your needs, a respectable background and with the experience to back it all up.

  • Any company or institution which has received the correct accreditation will guarantee that your digital media training will be of the best quality.

Therefore, if you are not quite certain, check out the history of a company and see what comes up and look at what their particular claims to fame are. Reviews are always an excellent gauge, as is the production quality of any former students (and look where they are and what they’re doing nowadays).

Consult and Compare

After carrying out the necessary research, and chosen two or three accredited schools offering the perfect range of programmes you require for your digital media training, make contact with them and request information from everyone and then go over all of the data.

  • It’s also in your best interests to visit the facilities of any school or production company which you’re seriously interested in, and talk to their staff and students to see everything for yourself and thus gain a better understanding of who they are and what they can provide you with.

If you make the perfect choice now, you will be setting yourself well on the way towards a successful career for your future.


Important Questions To Ask A Digital Marketing Agency Before Hiring

You may have been burned by a black hat SEO firm and you’ve sworn that you’ll be more thorough when choosing the next agency, or maybe you’re a new enterprise looking to hire a digital marketing expert. Either way, you should be careful when choosing a digital marketing company, it is important to do some research and gather recommendations from knowledgeable colleagues.

Here are some important questions to ask during the hiring process.

  • SEO

How will they improve your search engine ranking?

You must ask the digital marketing agency how they plan on improving your search engine rankings. Find out what process they use to promote your business and be wary of firms who use black hat SEO techniques. Using black hat methods in relation to improving your rankings can have adverse effects on your marketing campaign.

Can they guarantee immediate results?

If you are looking for a digital marketing company who specialise in SEO in Sydney and you encounter a business who guarantee that you’ll see immediate results, you should carefully consider their proposal. An effective SEO marketing campaign takes time, you won’t see immediate results unless the company you are speaking to is using black hat techniques. Successful marketing projects gradually gain momentum, meaning you should see your website rankings steadily increase monthly.

  • General

How will you make my company stand out from the crowd?

It is vital that you consult with a marketing agency who understand your needs. They should take some time to meet with you and listen to how you’d like to present your company. Understanding your niche and your target audience is vital for running a successful campaign. If they don’t listen to your concerns, then you may be better off looking for a more suitable agency.

What kind of experience do you have with similar companies?

If you find a long standing digital marketing company, chances are they’ll have plenty of experience dealing with a diverse range of companies and online marketing campaigns. Ask them whether they’ve worked with a business like yours? Or do they have experience designing campaigns in your industry? Investing money in an agency who have no knowledge is certainly risky, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss them. If they are willing to work hard and have a proven track record in other areas, you could consider them to lead your campaign.

Who will manage my campaign?

It is important to know who exactly you’ll be working with, so if you’ve any question or queries about the marketing strategy, you can contact your project leader and discuss your concerns. They must be accessible and easy to contact at all times of the day.


Why Marketing Automation is Important for your Business Prosperity

Marketing automation software will bring you to the peak of marketing development. It will help you to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Main advantages and opportunities of marketing automation processes

Marketing automation is indispensable when working with leads (potential customers) and improving marketing efficiency and serves the following purposes:

  1. The processes of lead generation and nurturing are recognized as the most important advantages of using marketing automation, which results in increasing productivity and reduction of operational marketing costs.
  2. Improving the quality of target coverage for leads and customers. Most companies that use this technology can now target content on triggers to their potential clients. They can help you determine which content finds the response from your target audience and which does not. As a result, your content will become better, the target coverage will be more focused, and the target audience will be more involved.
  3. Saving time and marketing efficiency increasing. Greater productivity and time savings are key advantages. Currently, marketing campaigns can be created and loaded once, and then used again and again. The routine tasks of publications and measurements are also automated.
  4. Better interaction with customers. It is known that increased involvement of customers is one of the most important goals for marketing concept.
  5. More opportunities and the increase of conversion rates. In companies that use marketing automation, the conversion rate of leads to real customers is 53% higher than in those who do not use it. Marketing software solution smoothly conducts the buyer through the entire automated sales process.

On this website, you can read more about the best marketing software solutions and their peculiarities.


Bpm’online marketing is a web-based marketing automation system that combines all the tools for working with clients and provides comprehensive automation of business processes at any level. The software developed taking into account the world experience and best practices, provides businesses with the opportunity to build personal communications with customers on any modern communication channels.

The main characteristics and possibilities of the system:

  • Single customer base and lead management.
  • Detailed profile of each client.
  • Segmentation.
  • History of interactions at all stages.
  • Automation of all business processes.
  • Unified knowledge base.
  • Creation of templates, instructions, and regulations and their discussions.
  • Integration with other external and internal information systems and communicational services.
  • Synchronization and import, two-way data exchange.
  • System Customization. With just a few clicks, you can to customize the appearance of the system in accordance with the corporate style of the company.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is an online platform that offers an all-in-one comprehensive solution.

The core features of Active Campaign greatly exceed the functionality of the classic email services. This is a service for small companies, which provides a competitive and up-to-date set, that will satisfy the needs of the marketing department of a small company, gaining a plus – an embedded CRM system and ready integration with some popular online services. With the help of Active Campaign, you can do real drip marketing, or lead nurturing.

The main characteristics and possibilities of the system:

  • Bulk emails automation.
  • The subscription form designer (popups).
  • Automatic geolocation.
  • Automatic detection of contact profiles in social networks.
  • Ready-made templates for automation.
  • Visual workflow presentation.
  • Progressive personalization.
  • Scoring of contacts (counter, estimation of your leads nurturing).
  • CRM module.
  • Scoring of the deals.


Marketo is an online marketing software that fits both fast-growing small and global companies. The software can improve efficiency, optimize marketing processes and improves sales performance. Marketo system is suitable for online stores or B2B companies. It is also important that after the system integration, the problem with the constant lack of IT resources is solved – almost any work in the system can be done by the manager himself.

This tool is an essential mean of marketing analytics. It helps you determine and attract the necessary customers, learn what they want to know about products, discover the details of search marketing, personalization, forms, social networks and track users behavior.

The main characteristics and possibilities of the system:

  • Lead scoring.
  • Event marketing tools.
  • Landing pages and forms creation.
  • Real-time personalization.
  • Lead nurturing.
  • Tools for reports and analytics.
  • Prospecting.
  • Alfa /Beta testing.

Description: Marketing automation services overview. Description of main features and characteristics, advantages, and screenshots.


Fundamental Rules For An Effective Billboard

Without an effective advertising strategy, companies struggle to reach their target audience effectively.

Billboards have been used to influence consumers for over a hundred years, and they remain a powerful mode of persuasion.

What are the fundamental rules for an effective billboard?

  • Advertising boards need to have contrasting colours so that it catches the eye.
  • Slogans should be brief and memorable.
  • Lettering has to be clearly readable for people who are a long way.
  • The board has to be placed in an area that has a lot of traffic, ideally a combination of cars and pedestrians.
  • Interrupting the pattern of a standard billboard makes the advert stand out from the competition.

Boards Need To Have A Colour Contrast

Advertising boards should have a colour contrast so that they stand out. Bold colours catch the eye of people going past the billboard advertisement and then they will take a closer look at the text and the images.

Slogans Should Be Brief And Memorable

Boards only have a few seconds to get their message across. People process information in small chunks when they are walking or driving, so make sure that the slogan is pithy. Think of the famous slogans that famous brands use – they are not wasting a single word.

Lettering Has To Be Readable From A Distance

Billboards are effective at targeting people who are at the end of the road or on the opposite side of the street. Lettering needs to be readable from a distance, so the font must be functional. Different fonts can be tested out to see which one is the most effective.

Place The Board In A High-Traffic Area

Choose an area with lots of cars and pedestrians. A high amount of traffic increases the likelihood that people will come into the shop or go online. Go to different areas of town at different points during the week to see which areas will be most beneficial. Scarcity is another important factor, so choose an area that has lots of traffic but relatively few billboards.

Interrupt The Advertising Pattern

Sometimes billboards are most effective when they are breaking all of the rules without seeming obvious. Agencies could recommend that a particular board could have a single word of text on a coloured background. Billboards with images that look like they are coming out of the frame will cause people to do a double-take and then absorb the message. Don’t be afraid to contact an advertising firm with some bold ideas about how a billboard can stand out from the crowd.

Following The Rules Can Bring Advertising Success

Creative agencies follow these simple rules to make sure that they are producing quality adverts for their clients. Company bosses should have some clear ideas about the content of these billboards so that their vision can be turned into a reality. Adverts that have clear lettering and stand out from a long way are going to have a positive impact on the intended audience.


Your guide to the HMRC Let Property Campaign

A recent announcement from HMRC has stated its intention to mop up any undeclared tax owed by landlords of residential rental properties. The activity, called the Let Property Campaign, aims to encourage individuals who let property to double check their records and disclose any previously undeclared or under-declared income from it.

Those who haven’t made a disclosure, and who are believed to have outstanding tax payments, will be sent a letter inviting them to make a ‘prompted’ disclosure.

What to do if you receive a letter

Receipt of a Let Property Campaign letter should be taken seriously, and a response made within 30 days of the date of the letter.

The first thing to do is to check your records to see if there is any income that, for whatever reason, has gone undeclared. It may be a good idea to have a financial advisor or tax specialist do this for you, as not only will it be a fresh pair of eyes, they’re qualified to spot errors that you may not be aware of.

Secondly, you should fill out the Digital Disclosure Service (DDS) form on the government website, with details of your intention to disclose. At this stage, no details of your income or the tax you believe you owe are required.

Upon receipt of this, HMRC will issue you with a Disclosure Reference Number (DRN). You must then make your disclosure within 90 days and, when you send it, make your payment as well.

What happens if you ignore the letter

Ignoring the Let Property Campaign letter could have some serious consequences. Formal action will be taken to recover the outstanding tax, and you may face penalties of up to 100% of the unpaid tax. In more extreme cases, a criminal investigation may commence.

Calculating what you owe

Gather together all the information you require to make the calculation and work out the total rental income that is undeclared. Any income you have disclosed on previous tax returns need not be included, as you will have already paid tax on it.

You’ll also need to calculate any allowable expenses that you have incurred, excluding those you have already claimed for on previous tax returns. Deduct this from your income to ascertain your taxable profit. You can then use HMRC’s tax calculator to work out what you owe. Remember, interest and penalties may need to be factored in.

It’s advisable to seek help from a professional when calculating your tax. Tax specialists can check your figures, agree the correct position with HMRC and negotiate a suitable settlement on your behalf.

What to do if you can’t afford the required payment

Ordinarily, taxpayers are expected to pay what’s owed in a lump sum. If, however, you cannot afford this, HMRC may agree to accept scheduled payments over a set period. You should contact the Let Property Campaign helpline to discuss your circumstances and request a more flexible payment option.

For further advice, contact the Let Property Campaign helpline on 0300 123 0998.


The Leading 8 Digital Marketing Pattern for 2017

The digital marketing pattern has reinvented the method of internet marketing for large scale or medium scale business. There are considerable enhancements in the usage of digital media in 2017 to the ordinary people and business. Individuals will take more attention in digital deals, online items purchasing and a lot more. Therefore, it would boost-up the interest of individuals in the digital world and embrace the cashless pattern for all internet marketing requirements of them.

In 2016, the majority of the business has acknowledged the performance and ease of digital marketing which is used for broadening the business around the world. By keeping all such truths in mind, there is a great boom seen in digital marketing pattern in 2017.

The Dynasty Digital Network is the leading team they provide the advantages of online marketing patterns in 2017 such as:

  1. Encouraging enhancement in video advertisements

The majority of the manufacturers and standard size business people have been promote their product or services through video ad which are including more value to the digital marketing project. In 2017, the level of video advertisement would get an increase.

  1. Prominence of smartphones over desktops

In the previous year, the desktops were utilized for controlling the internet or computing works. In 2017, you would find out the total prominence of Mobile phones with net center above the desktops used for creating online traffic and cash deals.

  1. Usage of devoted mobile applications will increase

The majority of persons like to utilize the internet in their smartphones. The new brands are released the mobile application for downloading their sites. It would improve the attention of users by using the applications of their favoured brand names in smartphones for account optimization, billing, product buying, payments and so on.

  1. Growth of social networks channels

There is a terrific report seen for promote things over the social networks platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on. Lot of company using the social channels for marketing customer’s services items, sites and services.

  1. Marketing things over the internet could be costly

There could be the considerable growth seen in the price of online ad companies in 2017.It can trek the heat of competitors in digital marketing amongst the brand names and digital marketing company around the globe.

  1. Significance of top quality material will increase

For marketing, the things through online you would require the high-quality material. In 2017, you would discover a terrific need for high-quality material to promote sites, items, services, and so on, online and style essential digital marketing strategies for business.

  1. ROI or Value of conversion rate

In 2017, the digital marketing business will be ranked based upon their conversion rate or ROI. Therefore, it will assist consumers to buy premier internet marketing business and it has the excellent performance history in conversion rates.

  1. Excellent services will be the secret to success

The digital marketing patterns in 2017 will be high quality focused. The majority of the manufacturers will provide preference to the quality it leads success to the locations of digital marketing domain.


What you can get out of Guest Posting ?

As you’ve already recognized, there’s a variety of ways on how to acquire traffic and promote businesses on the internet. One fantastic way to accomplish this is through becoming a guest blogger. In guest blogging, using a guest blogging service, you just generate guest articles for a main blog with the same niche and in return, you obtain back links to your site or web page. For this to occur, you’ll first ought to consent to the terms with the actual blog manager and build a mutual benefit. Should you make a good written content that’s relevant to what readers and also visitors are searching for, you’ll surely obtain a lot of visits and website traffic.

But of course, you mustn’t just get straight to publishing guest blogs to some random web site. In case you push yourself towards publishing your content to a blog without permission and also prior research, your posts may be pushed aside and can even be branded as spam. In this article, we are going to supply you with the information on how you can maximize traffic on your blogs and website out of guest blogs – . As an added bonus, we’ll also reveal to you some suggestions and hints on how to find your ideal guest blog provider.

Finding the best blogs to post guest posts to

One essential thing to think about when searching for the perfect blog to write guest posts to would be to locate one which has exactly the same niche or topic. Having a weblog which is focused on the same niche will certainly make it less difficult for you since you can easily sync with the recent articles and search phrases. Furthermore, there’ll no longer be a necessity to locate resources for your content simply because every detail already are perfectly located at the collection of articles within the blog. The level of activeness of the blog should also be among your top things to check on your potential blog to write guest posts to.

Make certain that the weblog has continuous and also up to date activities and constantly thinks of with new and fresh contents. Readers will usually find fresh and trending topics far better to read compared to old ones. By making certain that the site owner is constantly monitoring the content of the blog, you’re sure that the content articles are also closely monitored and maintained for better performance. The various search engine ranks should also be in your ‘to check’ list within your perfect blog to write guest posts to. The worst thing you will want is to have your excellent content published on a blog site which is located on the fourth or fifth page of the search engine rankings (check this). Be sure that the actual blog has a decent spot in the rankings so you might ensure a great number of views that’s the same as theirs. Spending money on somebody that is well-versed in the guest blogging is also a good idea to create your ideal guest blogs.

For that blog owner, it will be ideal to take advantage of guest blogging or posting services for they often include valuable content that is keyword rich and has potential to draw a considerable amount of traffic. Obviously these types of services may be costly however they are certain to provide impressive results.

The key features about guest blogging

The main target and also benefit of creating guest blogs would be to attract a lot of visitors to a website despite having a private or personal blogging website. Also, in case you are working with low traffic on your website, having to write guest post over a blog with higher quantity of traffic elevates your website. You will not only receive a section of the traffic but will also earn subscribers and readers as they follow your content. You can even just forget about any marketing and advertising charges for your business when working with guest blogs.

You’ll be able to reach several potential clients without paying for any advertisement costs when you post your guest blog onto an established and reliable blog site. You may also improve ability as a copywriter if you’re into guest blogging. In terms of writing, nobody started off as an expert. They started from the base and also also came up with bad content. By transforming into a guest blogger, a blogger is able to develop new blog ideas, strategies along with skills on how to be a better writer.

Shopping for guest blog posting services

A concealed secret that many blog owners don’t reveal to the general public is the fact that their content are usually written by someone else and most of time they are published by guest blogging service providers. One good reason to this is that having others produce the content toward the particular blog eliminates a huge amount of work like researching, data entry, a ton load of reading, learning and several other requirements. Simply by having their particular content written by capable hands of guest blogging service providers (check these secrets of professional blog writers), blog owners can unwind and work with various other useful tasks of maintaining their website. Naturally, these types of services may be costly nevertheless the end result can be extremely rewarding.

Picking out the ideal guest blog posting services toward your specific needs

Some of the basic traits that you’d like to look for in your ideal guest blogger or guest blogging provider is an excellent understanding of the specific blog niche you are focused on and of course the skills, techniques and tools to creating excellent articles. Desiring the greatest results out of your content means obtaining the best staff to make it. The best guest blogger also need to be familiar with the niche or topic that is being discussed all over the blog site.

You’ll find merely a ton of excellent writers available nevertheless could be ineffective if they are not familiar with a chosen topic. The final thing that you’d want from your very own guest blog is a diluted or generic content which isn’t only uninteresting to read through but additionally contains irrelevant information. The profile of the particular guest blogger or poster should already tell whether or not they are reliable or not.

Carefully study their portfolio and make reference to their previous posts in addition to the reviews of their clients. By accomplishing this, it is possible to have a better look at their experience as well as skill level in addition to their familiarity with your specific niche.

You liked the article ? Continue reading here for tips on How to start a successful blog in 2017


Transparent Digital Marketing Solutions

If you run an online business, you will already know the value of SEO, and if you really want to get ahead of the pack and see a healthy return, you must formulate a partnership with a digital marketing expert. For the average person, digital marketing is somewhat of a mystery, and many entrepreneurs are reluctant to hire a company, as they are afraid of high costs and inflated bills, yet there are agencies that work in a very transparent way, and rather than charging you a commission on extra business generated, they are happy to work on an hourly rate.

Range of Available Services

Digital marketing is a term that covers many separate strategies, with search engine optimisation being one of the most important, as it makes the website visible to the consumer when they search for products or services. If, for example, you were interested in online marketing in NZ, there are excellent agencies that have extensive experience across a range of industries, and with affordable rates, it won’t cost the earth to boost sales.

Strategy Consultation

Digital marketing can be varied, and ideally, a new business would sit down with their digital marketing partner and create a plan. You might get extremely good results from a social media presence, or perhaps require more traffic driven to your website, but by formulating a plan with the experts, you will have a clear direction and can work towards your goals with confidence.

Pay Per Click

Google AdWords and other systems can really boost an online company’s revenue, and for many businesses, this has turned into a very valuable part of their business. Of course, one needs a certain level of traffic to enter into pay per click, and once your digital marketing agency has delivered on that, you can take advantage of pay per click.

Hourly Rates

This is a great system for the small business that really wants value for money, and at the very outset, the client would be given an estimated cost for the package they require, making it easier to budget. Digital marketing is a results based industry, and any company that offers hourly rates would be very confident of their abilities.

Award Winning Partner

If you really want to be sure of having the very best in your corner, look for an agency that has received a few awards, and preferably, one with an impressive list of well-known clients, as this is yet another indication of performance. Any entrepreneur who is serious about forging a path into a new market would look for a digital marketing partner who has both the experience and the know how to deliver, especially in a very competitive industry.

Comprehensive Service

Once you have hired a digital marketing agency, they should take the strain, which allows you to focus on providing the best service for your customers, and with a joint plan created, your partner can set about driving traffic to your site.

The world of digital commerce is very competitive, and without the help of an expert, you will find it hard to get ahead of your competitors, which is why it makes sense to enlist the right company at the very outset, and your marketing needs will be handled by the professionals.


The Connection Between SEO And Social Media: Using Social Media To Boost Your Web Presence by Ben Martin

The Connection Between SEO And Social Media: Using Social Media To Boost Your Web Presence by Ben Martin

The social media has become a very powerful weapon in the modern times with everyday thousands of new users joining the social networking platforms. The platforms like the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become the easiest source for anyone to become popular and now the corporate companies are also making use of these social networks to popularize their products. Most of them have even gone for a dedicated social media promotions team that has expertise over these activities to catch the attention of the users on these platforms. There is more than one way in which the social media promotion can help you and it also has a very positive impact on your SEO campaign as well. Here are some ways in which promotion on social media can help your SEO campaign:

Direct Conversions:

Direct conversion from social media is very common these days. If you continuously keep on posting positive and useful things on social platforms, many users will navigate through the link of your website which in turn will help in increasing the audience count on your website thus enhancing your rank in the Google and other search engines. But for this to happen, you must put up relevant content on social media that has the power to bind the audience.

It is one of the best sources for the back-linking as the websites like Facebook and Twitter are rated as the top on charts of PR websites which can have a substantial change in your ranking.

A good place to make your keywords more popular:

Keyword is the soul of any SEO campaign and as such it is very important to boost your keywords. By doing so on the social media platforms, you are boosting it in front of millions of users which ultimately has an impact on your ratings.


How to Destroy a Social Media Marketing Strategy in Six Steps

When it comes to social media marketing, one of the biggest mistakes any business can make is to assume it’s almost impossible to get it wrong. But as social media is easy to use and is indeed used by billions, many businesses fall into the assumption that social media marketing as a whole must be pretty simple.

In the hands of the industry’s most experienced marketing companies, the power of social media is almost too extraordinary to comprehend. For those with less experience however, achieving any kinds of returns whatsoever from a somewhat haphazard social media marketing strategy can be borderline impossible. On the whole, it’s a uniquely fickle marketing tool the likes of which can deliver results on exact opposite ends of the spectrum, in accordance with how it is put to work.

So for the benefit of those who’d rather keep things on the positive side of the fence, here’s a quick introduction to six sizeable social media marketing mistakes, guaranteed to reduce your strategy to rubble:

1 – No Strategy

First of all, it’s extremely difficult to reach your primary objectives if you haven’t already established what exactly these objectives are. Social media can be used for pretty much anything these days from a marketing perspective. From reputation management to improving conversion rates to expanding e-mail databases and so on, anything your business needs to grow and develop is on the table. Nevertheless, trying to achieve great things without having decided on an objective is akin to heading out on a journey with no directions or destination in mind. You might get there, but the odds aren’t exactly in your favour.

2 – Poor Use of Available Platforms

While leading platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook are undoubtedly the largest and most powerful, they are by no means the only social media services out there. For the purposes of contemporary marketing strategies, it’s crucially important to consider all available social media platforms and strategically decide which to focus on. This means neither focusing all efforts on a single platform nor to spreading things too thinly across literally every platform available. And as the most potentially powerful and lucrative platform may not in fact be the most obvious…or even known to you…it usually makes sense to consult with the experts.

3 – Buying Favour

There was a time a while back where the success and prestige of any business with a social media presence was gauged almost entirely by audience numbers, ‘likes’ and other such badges of honour.Unsurprisingly therefore, businesses in enormous numbers began buying fake approval in quite spectacular volumes, till such a point where the whole thing became null and void. You can still buy audiences and likes these days, but in 99% of instances it is painfully apparent when a business is faking it. Suffice to say, doing so will not have a positive impact on your reputation or your performance.

4 – Self-Focus

When it comes to your primary website, this is where you should be (and probably are) using your very best sales spiel, promotional pitches and general conversion-focused content. Which is absolutely fine, but don’t under any circumstances fall into the trap of approaching your social media pages in the same way. Whereas a business website is designed to sell, social media marketing is all about engagement, conversation and reputation management. This means focusing entirely on what it is your target audience wants, needs and is interested in, as opposed to just try to sell to them. Or in other words, it’s a case of avoiding self-focus at all costs and dedicating your social media presence to the tastes/preferences of your audience members.

5 – Sharing Too Much or Too Little

It can be tricky to know where to draw the line between regular posting and posting too frequently. Nevertheless, exactly what constitutes the right amount to post will be determined by the quality of the content you publish. If for example you have an incredible wealth of fabulous information to share with your followers, you will of course get away with more frequent posting than if you had nothing relevant to say. It’s really just common sense to avoid extremes – you don’t want to bombard them with an avalanche of information, but at the same time you don’t want your pages to become stagnant.

6 – Being Antisocial

And finally, it’s crucial to remember that the secret to success with social media is given away in the title itself. This is a ‘social’ approach to marketing, which means that instead of promoting your business, your products, your services and so on, you should be looking to get well and truly involved with your target audience. Generate discussion, join the discussion, respond to comments and questions, join groups and generally demonstrate the fact that rather than being a faceless brand only out for profit, you’re well and truly in-sync with those you’re trying to win over.