Why Marketing Automation is Important for your Business Prosperity


Marketing automation software will bring you to the peak of marketing development. It will help you to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Main advantages and opportunities of marketing automation processes

Marketing automation is indispensable when working with leads (potential customers) and improving marketing efficiency and serves the following purposes:

  1. The processes of lead generation and nurturing are recognized as the most important advantages of using marketing automation, which results in increasing productivity and reduction of operational marketing costs.
  2. Improving the quality of target coverage for leads and customers. Most companies that use this technology can now target content on triggers to their potential clients. They can help you determine which content finds the response from your target audience and which does not. As a result, your content will become better, the target coverage will be more focused, and the target audience will be more involved.
  3. Saving time and marketing efficiency increasing. Greater productivity and time savings are key advantages. Currently, marketing campaigns can be created and loaded once, and then used again and again. The routine tasks of publications and measurements are also automated.
  4. Better interaction with customers. It is known that increased involvement of customers is one of the most important goals for marketing concept.
  5. More opportunities and the increase of conversion rates. In companies that use marketing automation, the conversion rate of leads to real customers is 53% higher than in those who do not use it. Marketing software solution smoothly conducts the buyer through the entire automated sales process.

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Bpm’online marketing is a web-based marketing automation system that combines all the tools for working with clients and provides comprehensive automation of business processes at any level. The software developed taking into account the world experience and best practices, provides businesses with the opportunity to build personal communications with customers on any modern communication channels.

The main characteristics and possibilities of the system:

  • Single customer base and lead management.
  • Detailed profile of each client.
  • Segmentation.
  • History of interactions at all stages.
  • Automation of all business processes.
  • Unified knowledge base.
  • Creation of templates, instructions, and regulations and their discussions.
  • Integration with other external and internal information systems and communicational services.
  • Synchronization and import, two-way data exchange.
  • System Customization. With just a few clicks, you can to customize the appearance of the system in accordance with the corporate style of the company.


Active Campaign

Active Campaign is an online platform that offers an all-in-one comprehensive solution.

The core features of Active Campaign greatly exceed the functionality of the classic email services. This is a service for small companies, which provides a competitive and up-to-date set, that will satisfy the needs of the marketing department of a small company, gaining a plus – an embedded CRM system and ready integration with some popular online services. With the help of Active Campaign, you can do real drip marketing, or lead nurturing.

The main characteristics and possibilities of the system:

  •    Bulk emails automation.
  •    The subscription form designer (popups).
  •    Automatic geolocation.
  •    Automatic detection of contact profiles in social networks.
  •    Ready-made templates for automation.
  •    Visual workflow presentation.
  •    Progressive personalization.
  •    Scoring of contacts (counter, estimation of your leads nurturing).
  •    CRM module.
  •    Scoring of the deals.



Marketo is an online marketing software that fits both fast-growing small and global companies. The software can improve efficiency, optimize marketing processes and improves sales performance. Marketo system is suitable for online stores or B2B companies. It is also important that after the system integration, the problem with the constant lack of IT resources is solved – almost any work in the system can be done by the manager himself.

This tool is an essential mean of marketing analytics. It helps you determine and attract the necessary customers, learn what they want to know about products, discover the details of search marketing, personalization, forms, social networks and track users behavior.

The main characteristics and possibilities of the system:

  • Lead scoring.
  • Event marketing tools.
  • Landing pages and forms creation.
  • Real-time personalization.
  • Lead nurturing.
  • Tools for reports and analytics.
  • Prospecting.
  • Alfa /Beta testing.

Description: Marketing automation services overview. Description of main features and characteristics, advantages, and screenshots.