Tips to Finding the Right Immigration Lawyers

Immigration Lawyer

Are you contemplating filing a petition for a visa or a green card? Do you wish to avoid work or deportation? Consider looking for the hardworking, honest, and professional immigration attorneys at Goldstein Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA. You should be careful when choosing the one to meet your immigration needs. You could also come across several unreliable lawyers. They would lie to you and charge an exorbitant fee. Rest assured that such lawyers would take you for a ride.

If you were skeptical about finding the best immigration lawyers, go through the following tips.

Tip #1 – high priced and exclusively dressed lawyers

If you were impressed by a well-dressed lawyer, it does not mean that the lawyer is great t handling your immigration process. Rest assured that the posh suit would indicate a highly priced lawyer. The exorbitant fee of such exclusively dressed lawyers would burn a significant hole in your pocket. Exclusive dressing sense does not imply that the lawyer is updated and intelligent. Research well and find a lawyer who is worth his salt.

Tip #2 – wrong advice

Be wary of lawyers offering you unethical and wrong advice. These money-spinning lawyers would ask you to document a lie. Rest assured that if the lawyer asks you to lie, you are in wrong hands. Do not trust a lawyer and never hire his or her services.

Tip #3 – visa consultants or petition preparers

Such brands of people are not the immigration lawyers you should involve with. They would prey on foreigners who require some assistance for their immigration needs. They would assist in typing various documents. It would not be wrong to suggest that an average person could prepare his or her immigration petition. Rest assured that such visa consultants would be of no use to you.

Tip #4 – lawyers available at immigration offices

Numerous lawyers look for business at immigration offices. They would approach you, but this itself has been a sign that lawyers are out of business. Such lawyers might not be great at their work. Rest assured that a reputed and competent immigration lawyer would be busy doing his or practice. A competent immigration lawyer would not look forward to hunting new clients in offices.

Tip #5 – unreal promises

Only the immigration judge, Department of Homeland Defense, and the USCIS could decide the fate of your immigration case. Therefore, if you come across lawyers claiming to have a 100% success rate, be wary of such lawyers.

These tips would help you choose the best immigration lawyer for successful filing of your immigration case.