What Are The Main Benefits Of Masonry Paint For Your Home?

Masonry Paint

Designed to be applied to the exterior walls of your home, masonry paint can work well on materials such as plaster, brickwork, stone, pebble dash and cement render. But while it can undoubtedly be applied to any home and provide it with a number of advantages, there are some homes that benefit from the best masonry paint, more than others.

 If your home is beginning to look somewhat worse for wear following the long term effects of harsh weather, or you simply want to freshen up your home’s exterior ready to sell it, for example, a coat of high quality masonry paint might be just what you need.

 Here are some of the main benefits of using masonry wall paints:

It acts as a highly effective weather shield

The walls of your home are exposed to a lot of different weather conditions, and rain in particular, can do a lot to tarnish and damage them. With the application of a water resistant masonry paint, however, you can help protect your walls from the damaging effects of rain, and in the case of some paints that offer UV protection, you can prevent your walls from becoming discoloured and faded.

It prevents the growth of harmful and unsightly algae

Should algae become airborne, which is likely to happen if it’s on the exterior walls of your home, it can be responsible for causing a number of potentially serious health issues, over time. If the walls of your home are looking green, brown or reddish in colour, they may well be affected by algae. A quality masonry paint can return your walls to their former glory, and leave algae as a distant memory.

Masonry paint offers crack prevention

It’s not unusual to see cracks forming in the walls of a building if water has begun to penetrate the masonry structure. Whether caused by water or frost (the freezing and thawing cycle causes expansion over time, leading to cracks), hairline, web-like or major cracks can easily be prevented with a coat of masonry paint. Fail to take the necessary precautions, however, and over time, the cracks could compromise the entire structure of the building, and make it highly unsafe.

It can significantly reduce wear and tear and protect from pollution

The effects of pollution on the walls of your home can be devastating over time, and if your home is situated in a densely populated area, it will likely be exposed to a continuous barrage of dust and dirt. This can quickly make the property look unsightly, and also has the potential to weaken its structure, too. A high quality masonry paint can help to keep the exterior of your home looking better, for far longer, and perhaps more importantly, help maintain its structural integrity, too.

Provided you invest in a high quality masonry paint, you can give the walls of your home the protection it deserves, all year round. Just be sure to have your home professionally inspected first, and take the time to prepare the affected areas before applying any masonry paint. Doing so can also prevent long-term damage from occurring to your home, and as many homeowners will know, this can be both costly and inconvenient to repair.