Greatness awaits you on Spotify!

Greatness awaits you on Spotify

Hey you! I am looking for a promising musician, who wants to become popular. Are you the person I am looking for? Yes? Great. I have something to tell you about your music career. But first, answer this: are you a band or a solo musician? How many songs have you written? Do you have your fan base already? Well, last two questions are useless, just messing with you. Do you know what Spotify is? No? Don’t worry, I will tell you everything about it real soon. We need to talk about building your career through Spotify, how to do it, how promotion can help you, should you buy Spotify playlist placement or not, and much more. Buckle up, it will be interesting.

Spotify. It is world leading music streaming service with multimillion audience, enormous music library, huge variety of genres and musicians. How can a young musician like you beat all your more popular competitors and make it to the top? It is hard, right. But it is possible. Especially for a such talented person as you are. How to do it? Promotion. Promotion is the thing that can and will help you, even if you are loosing your positions rapidly. Many musicians that are nowadays popular used music promotion. Nothing to be ashamed of. Promotion can be buying plays and followers, and it can be playlist placement. Which approach do you think is more effective? First? Wrong! Playlist placement is the correct answer. There is no other way to promote your music in such an organic and real way. People LOVE playlists. According to the inside statistics of Spotify, more people listen to the music in playlists that in single order. No one wants to find for each and every song you are listening. It is easier just to choose the playlist, click “shuffle”, and enjoy. Placing your song in such popular playlist will benefit in good traffic and organic grow of the popularity. Your song will become popular, and make it way to user recommendations. From that moment it will be recommended to users by Spotify itself. Thanks to recommendation system, Spotify managed to occupy the first place in the rating of users satisfaction.

What will you have at the end? Maybe you need to wait for golden limos, but your creative and financial freedom will introduce themselves to you real soon. From user recommendation your song will make it to the ear of music producer, and you will get your contract. Just sign and get all you ever wanted. It will happen, don’t worry. You must be persistent and diligent in the way you manage and promote your music. Do everything right and you will change your life! Do it, my friend! Take what belongs to you!