Five Tips for Purchasing a Livestock Trailer


Whether you own a horse that you transport between riding competitions or have a farm and occasionally need to transport livestock to market, you will need to purchase a livestock trailer. A trailer needs to be large enough to transport the number of animals that you have without them being crowded. Here are five tips for purchasing a livestock trailer for your needs.

Consider Width and Length

When trying to decide how large a trailer you need, don’t just look at the height of the trailer but the width and length as well. The width will help determine how many animals will fit into the trailer to be transported to another location. Ideally, the driver will have an unobstructed view of the back of the trailer but additional mirrors may need to be added to your truck to give you the best possible view.

Construction of Trailer

A good trailer needs to be sturdy enough to carry its load but light enough to prevent putting too much stress on the vehicle hauling it. Aluminium frames are ideal because they are very light but you can also purchase steel frames with aluminium skins so they look nicer. Most roofs of trailers are fibreglass, which provides durability as well as reduces the temperature inside of the trailer.

Check Ventilation

When you find a livestock trailer for sale, you need to carefully examine it for ventilation. Not only do your sheep, cattle, or horses need good circulation in the trailer to keep cool but they also need for the fumes to dissipate when they defecate or urinate in the trailer. Livestock waste can be toxic within a confined area and you don’t want your animals to be sick or dying due to a lack of air circulation in a trailer.

Floor Materials

The floor and ramp of a trailer should be made from a non-slip material to keep your animals from injuring themselves during transportation and while being on- or off-loaded. Most trailers have aluminium floors that are ribbed but you can also have them covered with rubber mats or you may find trailers with timber floors. Only consider timber flooring if it is made from pine, oak, or fir so that it will be durable and last for several years.

Inspect Trailer

When you’re buying a livestock trailer, especially a used trailer, you should thoroughly inspect it for damage, protruding metal, and sharp edges. Also, check the ventilation to ensure that the animals will have enough air to keep them cool during the drive and so the stench of waste can clear out of the trailer to preserve the animals’ health. Make sure that the walls are insulated to help keep the animals comfortable while they are in the trailer as well

Whether the animals need to be taken to the vet, a country fair, or to market, having a good livestock trailer will be important for your needs. With these five tips, you can purchase the right trailer for your needs whether you have cattle, horses, pigs, or sheep.