The Importance of PAT Testing


PAT testing is the testing of electrical appliances and it is a critical part of any health and safety policy for your home and business. Authorities advise that all electrical appliances within rented residential properties and all commercially-used properties undergo PAT testing annually. More and more low-cost electrical goods come in each year from foreign countries due to globalisation and these products do not undergo the same strict testing procedures that are practiced on UK-manufactured goods, making this testing crucial for a well-run business.

According to the Health & Safety Executive, 25% of all reportable electrical accidents are caused by portable appliances. To reduce the risk of any danger brought about from the use of such portable equipment, there are legal responsibilities in place on both employers and employees to comply with the provisions set. In addition, there is an obligation set forth by the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) stating that employers should take reasonable steps to ensure that no danger may result from the use of such equipment.

The Circumstances

As an employer, you are obligated to reduce the risk of damage by using any and all practical steps to prevent it in a number of situations. First and foremost, you must do what you can to maximise the safety when employees use the appliances in your property, no matter if you are renting properties for income or running a warehouse. PAT testing in Worthing is one such thing that you can do to ensure that any and all faults in your appliances are caught early enough to stop any danger from occurring.

In the event that any of the appliances are to be used by the public, such as in hospitals, hotels, schools, shops, and more, it is imperative that you have this testing done every single year. In addition, the same is true of any appliances slated to be hired or supplied for any length of time and this is particularly important because you set yourself in the path of damaging litigation if you allow these tests to lapse even a single year. Finally, if you plan to have the appliances serviced or repaired, it is imperative that you have a series of safety standards and steps in place from the start of the repair to its completion.


PAT testing is designed to include complex procedures with a number of examinations performed over multiple variables. Electrical PAT testing is performed by qualified and reliable electricians or electrical testers with the reputation for great, reliable work. Once you complete the testing and are awarded a pass, your electronics will receive a label indicating the passing of the PAT testing and the date on which the tests were performed. These may be coloured according to a specific type of information for better identification or convenience and they are good for a full year following the day of the examinations. To ensure the safety of anyone living or working in your property, it is in your best interests to have this testing done every single year without exception.