Accelerate document management with signNow e-signature


Electronic signatures are an indisputable element of digital transformation. They quickly become a key component of almost every business process, since the benefits of online technology are becoming more and more evident. Anyone who has ever signed anything electronically with signNow recognizes the simplicity, convenience, and security of electronic signatures. It provides organizations of all sizes, forms, and industries with the potential to improve their internal operations and establish successful relationships with partners and customers all around the world.

Before you choose an online solution to guide you through your organization’s stages of digital transformation, you should familiarize yourself with the ESIGN Act to be sure the solution you choose is secure for both you and your costumes and partners. Learn why electronic signing and online document management is considerably faster, easier, and more secure than dealing with traditional paper-based processes; a.k.a. the slow and expensive way.

Digital transformation via signNow: e-signature and ease of use

While computer technology has become an integral part of many enterprises, paperwork in many organizations is handled and stored physically. Nevertheless, digital transformation is gradually being adopted in various industries: finance, education, healthcare, manufacturing, legal services, etc.


Digitalization means that you can create documents on your desktop or mobile devices, e-sign them, and share them with the help of an online platform, like signNow. Both small businesses and large corporations with a branched structure and numerous offices benefit from e-signing documents.


signNow is a legally-binding e-signature solution and features a fully configurable platform for automating document workflows with no coding skills or developers necessary. It lowers your costs, saves time, and elevates the customer experience by automating paper processes.

Key features of signNow:

  • E-signing in a role-based order. Customize the signing process by adding multiple fields to a form or contract, assigning signers to those fields, and specifying the order in which each recipient is to sign.

  • Bulk signature invites. Simplify the signing process and eliminate misunderstandings between participants using Bulk invite. Create a single template, and then import a list of users you want to invite. Each added email will receive a copy to sign.

  • Branded workflows. Make your workflows look more professional and recognizable by branding them with your logo. Customize notification emails and communications.

  • Online fillable forms. Create professional and customizable web forms that are easier and faster for your recipients to complete. Simply drag and drop fillable fields where you need on your webpage and turn it into a reusable template.

  • Shared data for teams. Improve collaboration on projects using shared folders for teams. Create folders, put the required records there, and share them with involved users. Stay assured knowing everyone has access to the right data.

  • Audit Trail. Stay on top of all document changes and signing events using the Audit Log. Download Document History with unique ID numbers, IP addresses, timestamps for each user who worked on the document.
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  • Powerful API. Get complete access to all signNow’s advanced features with an easy-to-integrate API. Detailed documentation and expert help will make the integration a breeze. Track the embedded invite calls in your API Dashboard.

The future of work: the immediate benefits of e-signature

Enhance your electronic transactions by implementing signNow. Get more benefits from the e-signature solution that’s already trusted by millions of users.

  • Maintain company brand

It’s your business. signNow provides you with all the needed tools for managing professional workflows with your company’s branding added. Get your company recognized as future-forward.

  • Increase team productivity

All company structures can work within a single integrated environment. This enables faster document negotiation and decision making.

  • Simplify complex workflows

A well-configured e-signature workflow allows you to add and edit multiple signers in just a few simple clicks. You can also add expiration dates and passwords for protecting confidential data, request payments, and enable/disable further forwarding of your record.

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  • Get contracts signed faster

You need to be able to create accurate documents and reusable templates with fillable fields. Smart fillable fields make the signing process easy for your signers, allowing you to get approved forms faster while even collecting payments.

  • Approve forms on any device

Legally-executed forms and contracts are crucial. Upload a photo of your handwritten signature, type your full name, or simply draw your e-signature on desktop or mobile using your mouse or touchpad. Once created, you can reuse your signature anytime.

  • Work continuously

Solutions like signNow that allow you to access records from different devices via data synchronization within a single user account allow you to quickly find and edit documents, even from mobile while offline.

Processing and executing tasks take less time due to the fact that by using signNow you can create, sign, search, and send digital documents much faster than you can ordinary pieces of paper. In addition, you have various kinds of automatically generated reports, audits, and registers. As a result, you increase performance and speed, which leads to a noticeable optimization of business processes.

Get more than just e-signature

signNow is a part of the airSlate Business Cloud which means that you’re covered back to back. Benefit from the valuable no-code integrations you need at every step of your journey through digital transformation. Robotic Process Automation, contract negotiation, document generation, a full-featured PDF editor and web forms, and a mobile-ready e-signature solution – all in one secure business productivity environment. Benefit from the suite of tools for automating and connecting your entire business.

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