Pump up the volume – Soundcloud plays!


If you are reading this, then you are almost certainly a young musician who has just stepped on the path to success. Tracks are recorded, uploaded to SoundCloud, and plays are gradually gaining. But are you satisfied with the result? I am sure that as a performer you understand that you can never stop there. And the audience must grow and grow. You can help this by buying SoundCloud plays. So you can spread your creativity to a huge audience of the service, and rise to the top of the ratings.

 The service is intended mainly for the storage and distribution of digitized music, and elements of a social network are of secondary importance. But their capabilities are more than enough for a talented performer to be noticed by producers or other representatives of the music industry. But, as you already guessed, just placing your ingenious track and waiting until you will be asked to become new lead-singer of “OK GO” is almost pointless. As in other social networks, promotion to a certain level is simply necessary.

To get into the SoundCloud top charts you should consider the best way to shout your name around the world, to the entire huge audience of the service, which can lead to the fact that well-known producers will notice you, and your star that will appear on the Walk of Fame. I’m sure this is what you dreamed about when you uploaded your first track.

 Now the service has more than half a million active users from all over the world. You do not need to register for listening, any track you like can be instantly shared on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others. This is one of the reasons why hundreds of thousands of people remain faithful to this service, and all of them can become your regular listeners if you only make a couple of clicks on the computer. This is not at all difficult, and the result will pleasantly surprise you, because your noble goal is successful self-realization.

But even if the composition is unique and inimitable, it is in most cases difficult to popularize. famous artists, industry giants, are constantly listened to by millions of fans, and the number of plays on their tracks breaks all records. It’s hard to break through such an obstacle even for very talented people, and you are just like that! However, buying SoundCloud plays will help highlight the track and you, its creator, among many other competitors. Do not miss your chance to become popular. Do not stop yourself from becoming the best of the best!