How the Travel Industry is Being Transformed by Technology


Travel agencies and guide used as a requirement to safely travel around the world, word-of-mouth recommendations were essential for an enjoyable holiday and reviews were read in leaflets that holiday companies choose what to publish. This is no longer the case, although some people still like to receive the full package in the travel agents, it’s not the cheapest option and doesn’t guarantee a perfect holiday. With so many break achievements in the technology sector, it has revolutionised the travel industry, travellers can book a complete holiday online, sleep in a stranger’s house to keep costs down and check online reviews to assure safety in unfamiliar places.

The Best Prices

The digital age has changed everything we can do with travel, most generations are now DIY travellers choosing every detail of their holiday online at the most competitive prices. The dependency of technology has even created companies that specific expertise is to compare holiday prices to assure you get the best deal with having to scroll through all the options.


Modern technology has taken its toll on some high-street travel agents which is always a shame, other agencies acknowledged the new market and adapted to flow with the new demand for an online cheaper experience. Giving holiday shoppers the option to book online with a known dependable brand.


The biggest companies chose to adapt to everyone’s needs, Thomas Cook, for example, gives all the shopper the option to book in stores, over the phone or on whichever internet device they choose to use. This approach fulfils the needs of every generation and offers everyone the same dependable service.

Alternative Accommodation

Hotels are not the only option whilst travelling anymore. Thanks to the internet users can search for Airbnb’s for either cheaper or more luxurious accommodation whilst abroad, being able to rent apartments or other homes for short periods of time to avoid paying excess hotel changes. Another website that is expanding is Showbox apk 2020 android , if you’re travelling on a very low budget you can see if anyone locally has a room (or couch) for you to sleep in. the site assures safety with background checks on both parties to assures everyone remains content. Reviews are left to build your credibility up so when you’d like to travel or receive visitors from a distant land you’ll be a top candidate.

Small Business Awareness

With the previous methods of travel large businesses could manipulate where holiday goers visited by advertising and seeming like the only dependable option. With the online world now anyone can review travel locations and a good review can attract customers to smaller more authentic experiences.

Online Check-in

Although in recent years due to security processes, being at the airport can be a timely process. However, it could be a lot longer, with advanced mobile app development online check-ins speed up the process of waiting around in ques. Being able to check in a few days before a holiday is occurring has created ease for both airports and customers to focus on more important safety measures.

Room for Improvement

This report from mobile app development company Apadmi shows that holidaymakers want mobile technology to advance help improve the customer relationship and experience whilst booking a holiday. Similar reports can be found that back up this statistic and mobile apps are a key point to increases the user’s experience.

A plus to improvements is that feedback can be left with confidence, some customer might not be the types to complain or make request whilst abroad or after a holiday but with email and messenger systems feedback can be left to improve services or help improve a customer’s current say in a hotel for example.

Technology is only improving as we move forward, so the feedback from recent reports should fulfil the customer needs in the future. Technology is proving to manipulated the traveller’s choices and freedom but it’s also starting to help make holiday choices using previous statics on what you’ve enjoyed, this might not be a service everyone love but might help users make the right decision on their future travels.