Why you should never rely on Forex indicators


Indicators can be very powerful trade filter tools. It can give you accurate signals and allows you to find the best trades. But things start to change when the traders start developing the trading strategy based on indicators. If you try to trade major markets based on the indicators reading, you are going to have a tough time. You can live your life in Singapore based on many professions. There is no reason to start using the indicators and look for quick profit-taking the opportunity in the Forex market. Let’s find out the key reason for which you should never rely on Forex indicators.

Leading and lagging signals

The indicators give leading and lagging signals. For instance, if you rely on the RSI, you are going to get early signals. Executing the orders on the RSI reading is going to result in a big loss. Similarly, if you try to trade the market with SMA or simple moving average, you are just dealing with lagging indicators. You will get the signals after the market has given its big move. So, try to learn more about the leading and lagging indicators to make consistent profit from this market. After you learn these things, you will feel the change in you.

Indicators are not perfect

You should never think the indicators are the perfect tools. Noting is perfect in this world. The elite traders are losing money by following a premium strategy. To survive in the Forex trading industry, you must think about causality. Losing trades will be very common and there is nothing you can do to avoid losing orders. If you start to think the indicators are the perfect tools, you are going to lose most of the trades. To become a better trader, you must learn to trade the raw price data. Stop relying on the indicators reading as it increases the risk factors to a great extent.

Limits your learning potential

The moment you start relying on the indicators, you stop learning new things. Without learning new things about this market, it’s very hard to keep pace with the trend price movement. The majority of the retail traders are losing money since they stop learning after getting used to the indicators. Indicators are nothing but a tool that helps you to filter the market noise. If you make consider your prime trading tools, there is no way you can make a profit from this market.

Execution of precise trade

You must learn to execute precise trade to earn more money. Those who rely on indicator based trading strategy are losing most of the trades since they don’t know the perfect way to execute the trade with precision. If you want to make profit from this market, make sure you work hard to improve your trading accuracy. Try to learn about the price action trading strategy since it allows you to trade the real-time market dynamics. Most importantly you will become a confident trader after learning to use the price action signals. On the contrary, those who use the indicators always use wide stop loss and they never know why they are losing money.

Trade with low risk

By using the indicators you can’t reduce the risk. To reduce the risk, you must learn to trade the major level of the market. Focus on the trend line, Fibonacci and other important tools. Draw the key levels in the higher period so that you can execute the orders with precision. Things might hard and you might have the idea to lower the risk via manual trading strategy. But with the help of the demo account, you can expect to develop your skills. Forget about the EAs, robots, and indicators in the Forex market. Try to learn about the manual trading strategy as it makes you a better trader. Most importantly you will become confident with your trading approach.