Operate Smoothly with a Commercial Ice Maker


An ice maker, or ice machine, is designed to create ice in bulk and then release it into a storage bin below so that you always have access to fast, freshly frozen ice ready to be used for a wide range of reasons. Ice is a key ingredient for a refreshing drink and cannot be left out on Australia’s famously sunny summer days if you want your patrons to remain comfortable and happy while spending time in your establishment. If you own and maintain sitting areas located outside your main building, such as a patio space with tables and chairs, you especially need cold, refreshing beverages on hand to keep guests content during their meals.

Never Run Out

A commercial ice machine in Perth will create a certain amount of ice, and then work for as long as you have it turned on to continue producing ice until such a time as there is no longer any room available for it. This increased amount of ready ice will significantly speed up each process of your kitchen, and your wait staff will not need to wait while others gather more ice together or even go out to fetch some due to a shortage. Ice machines are created to sense when the ice inside the storage bin has reached the proper level, which is a great way to ensure you do not waste even a single piece of ice during operational hours.

Offer Faster Service

Since your waiters and waitresses no longer need to fight over who has access to the only available ice, you will find that your customer care reports are far more positive over time. Your staff works hard to earn their wages and are dedicated to helping you find the perfect balance between careful, attentive service and leaving the people at the table alone to enjoy their dinner. For this reason, you simply must afford them every convenience you can, not only to promote loyalty between you and your employees, but to also encourage those who want to move up in your restaurant to push themselves a bit harder in the pursuit of their goals.

Any Size

It should come as no surprise to you that ice machines are not one standard size and that you may choose from a wide range of options to suit your kitchen’s surface area. It may be that you own and operate a fairly small kitchen in the back of a cafe, or that you help organise a large kitchen catering to hundreds of university students each hour or thousands each day, and an ice machine is one way to keep up with it all. You may need something rather compact with not a large amount of production capacity, or may want something larger and bulkier, but the choice is yours to make.