Mullvad Review – VPN provider which accepts BTC wallet payments


Mullvad is a Swedish provider that aims to offer the most reliable solution for keeping your privacy protected and unblocking content online. Although data retention laws apply in Sweden, VPNs are not subject to these regulations. Moreover, Mullvad is committed to safeguard the anonymity and online freedom of their users.

Security features

Security is all that much Mullvad’s strong suit. On a technical level the 2048-bit RSA and 128-bit Blowfish Open VPN encryption will stop any attempts to spy on user’s information, and the inclusion of DNS leak protection and an ‘internet off button’ in the user account guarantees that no information is prone to be accidentally divulged.
With strong statements about confronting internet censorship, surveillance and data retention, Mullvad keeps no logs of any sort, and empowers the use of Bitcoin wallet  payments (together with providing links on the best way to ensure these payments are truly anonymous). It also encourages the use and anonymous email while registering and will accept cash payment through the mail! All of which leads us to like Mullvad very much. Another good VPN with similar security features is Nord VPN provider.

Special Features

Talking of features, Mullvad provides the following:

  • Support for PPTP and OpenVPN protocols (PPTP is only recommended for legacy devices that do not support OpenVPN)
  • Servers in Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and the USA
  • Support for IPv6 addresses (this is unusual for a VPN provider)
  • Up to 3 devices can be connected simultaneously
  • Port forwarding (performed on the Account page of the website)
  • Accepts payment in Bitcoin wallet, or even cash sent in the post (also Bank wire and PayPal)!
  • Allows P2P

Is logging enabled?

It claims to keep no logs at all, so even if legally required to; it can’t hand over its users’ details–as they simply don’t exist. Other no-log VPN providers you can also checkout are Airvpn and Ironsocket.

How many VPN servers available?

Mullvad VPN has servers in 4 different countries, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA. This means that you can pose as if you are from any of these four countries.

Why should I choose this?

  • It is one of the most privacy-conscious VPN providers on the market, and it also sports one of the most fully-featured desktop clients available.
  • Mullvad is mainly focused around providing a VPN service that can successfully protect your privacy.
  • it offers a good level of defense against eavesdropping
  • Mullvad is strongly recommended for users who want a reliable VPN provider that gives it its best shot to enable you to remain truly anonymous online.