How to Open a Bankera Card

Bankera Card



Today because of hard competition between Banks and their services and also because of improvement in technologies and access of the human to the electronic world, the job of Banks became more difficult than before especially in case of taking attention of customers to their services. However, in this article, we want to talk about Bankera as an exact modern bank and different way for personal and business matters and financial management. The idea is to introduce this service and inform customers about features and the way that they can open the card by this Bank account.


As mentioned above, Bankera count as alternative modern bank accounts that can give services not just to individuals but also businesses and companies. In the case of service for individual users, Bankera with the creation of simple mobile app made life easier for their customers. Also, clients will have access to their European IBAN accounts and they can make different types of transactions and money transfer by SWIFT transfers or Visa Cards. However, in the case of services for Businesses, Bankera offers special solutions like SWIFT and SEPA payment method especially for companies that engage with the market community. Additionally, Bankera allows users to make operations and transactions in digital and virtual platforms like Online gaming, Cryptocurrencies, eCommerce, trading etc.

Open the Card in Bankera 

As soon as users open the account in Bankera, it allows them to order and have physical or Virtual Card in both Personal and Business accounts. In terms of Personal account, users can order the physical card and use it in any places that accept Visa cards; It also works abroad and with perfect exchange rates. Also, users can open just in a minute, Virtual Card and make payments as fast as they want and anywhere. All the process of opening an account and ordering a Card or making a virtual card are possible just with the mobile app of Bankera that is very easy to use. I should mention that cards, both virtual and physical, are without fees for users and customers in almost any terms; No fees for opening, No fees for spending and No fees for monthly maintenance. However, in the case of Business accounts, Bankera offers Business and Business Plus options that are available in both Virtual and Physical format but it will have some fees for customers. This type of card has special services and bonuses for businesses and it makes their life easier than before.


Definitely, every day, the new ideas in Banking and financial management are becoming more. However, the Bankera idea to provide an alternative way for both individuals and businesses to enjoy the services and can open the card in two virtual and physical formats just by using a simple mobile app made a small revolution in this sphere. This article tried to introduce Bankera and show how many it is simple to use for individuals and companies.