Become the Financial Management Professional You Want to Be

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Just as they say that every business is a service business, it could be said every management task has finances at its core. Of course, there are areas of knowledge and key decisions to be made that aren’t specifically financial but being skilled at managing finances within an organisation of any size is going to be essential for success.

You can gather the knowledge that you need and hone the skills that you already have with special courses offered in London and overseas, learning from individuals who bring real-world experience to every session. Not only will you learn how “things” should be done but you’ll hear from the experts who will also tell you how they must be done.

Start Here

Depending on the specific session that you register for, your financial management course may last from four days to two weeks. For example, a shorter course (four days) is offered in Accounting and Budgeting for Managers. This is an ideal course for those who have responsibility for finance within their organisation and need a better understanding of this sector. Those who would benefit from this course are non-specialists, budget creators and managers, operations managers who want to learn more about cost management, senior sales and marketing employees, senior managers, and managers who are facing important financial decisions.

The one-week course in Corporate Finance would be ideal for managers and executives from all areas of the organisation. If you’re new to the strategic planning role, you’d benefit from these sessions as would treasury department managers, financial planning practitioners, and anyone who wants to be able to understand how his or her organisation is performing financially in comparison to competitors. Of course, it’s also important for audit personnel and financial risk managers to take part in courses of this type.

If your primary responsibilities are in the auditing area, you would benefit from two-week courses in Strategic Internal Auditing and Advanced Strategic Internal Auditing. Objectives for these sessions include identifying and assessing financial crime risks within the control environment, promoting and enhancing the function of the chief risk officer, integrating the consideration of risk in all processes and decisions, and so on.

Other Options

You may want to take part in a one-week course focusing on Insurance Portfolio Management, Financial Modelling, Treasury Management, even Financial Crime Compliance. Your participation in any of these specific courses will provide the knowledge that you need to thrive and grow within your organisation. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to hone your present skills so that you’ll perform even better in the day-to-day operations.

The goal in all courses is to help you develop skills so that you can handle existing challenges and grow as a professional within your organisation. The courses cover almost all aspects of management including strategic management, people management, operations, finance, human resources, public relations, sales, and secretarial skills. The professionals leading your sessions provide the training that you need in almost every industry.

With the right training and expert guidance, you’ll not only succeed in your chosen field but you will be able to stand out and become the “go to” individual when a key financial decision is to be made.