Specifics on what are Commonly Known as CRB Checks


There are many reasons as to why CRB checks are performed. They are commonly utilised to ensure that a potential employer is of good character and has nothing to hide in their past. Even though there are many types of instances where a CRB check is required, there are also different kinds of CRB checks, which depend on why it has deemed necessary.

Is a DBS Check the Same as a CRB Check?

Yes, in fact, CRB checks are identical to the older referred to “Disclosure and Barring Service” checks, and carry out the exact same role.

What Different Kinds of DBS Checks Are Available?

There are basically three different kinds of DBS checks available when you apply for employment, and your potential employer will provide you with more information as to what type of check is deemed necessary and why. So as to legally be part of a DBS check, you will need to be 16 years of age, or up.

The Regular DBS Check

The regular type of CRB checking will look for any kind of caution or convictions. This sort of check may be used for a various reasons, but usually to clarify any information required at the moment.

The Enhanced DBS Check

The enhanced check looks for the same type of data that a standard DBS check does, but also contain any extra information held by the police that may be seen as relevant to particular job duties one is applying for.

The Enhanced DBS Check with List Checking

This is the same as an enhanced DBS check, but comes with a banned list that only applies to certain forms of employment. It is deemed a criminal offence for employers to ask for a check for any roles that fall outside the banned list.

How Long Does a DBS Check Take?

There are no specific timetables as to how long a check will take, as it may depend on various factors which include:

  • The level of DBS check being undertaken
  • The precision of any details provided
  • Whether any local police forces are involved in the check
  • Roughly speaking, a DBS check may take around 2 months

Exactly Who Should Apply for the Check?

This might depend on what type of employment is being applied for. Job applicants can’t undertake their very own criminal background check, but can request a basic disclosure. To make sure the proper procedures are being followed, employers can provide applicants with a form to fill in, which must be returned with proof of identity.

Anybody who is unsure should check with a potential employer to find out what type of system is in place with regards to DBS checks.

What Documentation is Necessary?

In most cases, potential employees must provide an up to date passport or driving licence, and supporting documentation like bank statements and power bills. This helps to ensure that any personal data is only released after someone’s identity is proven.

Modern times require modern, reliable methods from experts in the know.