UPS systems Australia

UPS is a necessity in every home. It just not only provides us with backup power when there is a power breakdown but also is very important for maintaining the longevity of the electrical appliances at home. UPS systems Australia offers us many facilities but buying a UPS can be a hefty purchase. Before buying a UPS for your home you need to consider these tips.

1.    What to look for when buying UPS?

When purchasing an uninterruptible power supply, how to choose one that will be functional and convenient to use? It is necessary to take into account not only technical specifications but also the presence of various additions. Here is a list of the most common:

  • Short circuit protection is provided in almost all modern UPS models to prevent breakdowns caused by shorting the energy source at low electrical resistance.
  • An electronic display will allow you to monitor the operating parameters of the device, monitor the voltage value, overload, battery charge status, etc.
  • The presence of various connectors will be useful if you plan to connect to an uninterruptible power supply, for example, fax, modem or printer.
  • The forced cooling system is usually present in UPSs designed for continuous autonomous power supply of equipment.
  • The “Cold start” function allows you to start the uninterruptible power supply in the absence of input voltage, that is, when the power is turned off.

The presence of all of the above additions is not necessary, because you will not need some of them, and equipment with such a set of advantages will be expensive. It is better to decide for yourself which of them will be really necessary and useful when using an uninterruptible power supply unit and look for a model that suits your needs.

2.    Things you need to consider:

  1. Decide what kind of equipment you want to protect, and how important the possibility of continuous operation is for you.
  2. Find out what problems most often arise in the power supply in your home.

The range of manufactured UPS is very wide both in terms of characteristics and price. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you need to find out what kind of problems there are in the power supply, what kind of failure can be expected, and in accordance with this choose the appropriate type of UPS with a simple, complex or super-sophisticated degree of protection.

3.    Buy a UPS whose capacity is 20-30% higher than the capacity of your system:

When choosing a UPS, you should focus on the technical characteristics of the protected equipment, the main of which is power. Connecting a computer whose power exceeds the rated power of the UPS itself will overload the uninterruptible power supply, turn it off and, as a result, turn off the computer itself. To avoid this, you need to know the power of the equipment connected to the UPS and select a UPS whose rated power is greater than the maximum load power. It is desirable that the power of the UPS is 20-30% higher than the capacity of the protected equipment.

4.    Determine how much battery life you need:

The average battery life is 5-7 minutes, as a rule, this is enough to save all open documents and correctly complete the work. But if you need more time to automatically close very complex systems, you can easily select the appropriate UPS depending on the system parameters.

5.    Choose a UPS with software:

Such software displays the parameters of the mains and the status of the UPS, and during a prolonged network failure automatically saves all data in open applications. This convenient function allows you to not lose information, even if you were not near the computer during a power outage.

6.    Buy UPSs that have enough outlets for peripherals and have connectors to protect the telephone line:

Users usually use UPSs to protect not only PCs but also peripheral equipment. If you plan to connect various devices to the UPS (monitor, printer, etc.), make sure that the uninterruptible power supply has special sockets with surge protection. With modems and faxes, it is good for the UPS to protect the telephone line.

7.    Before buying a UPS, decide where it will be located in the home:

When buying a UPS, it is necessary to take into account such a parameter as noise and think in advance about the location of the source. A battery-powered UPS generates about 40-45 decibels at a distance of 1 m from the UPS, which can cause irritation. Therefore, it is not recommended to place a working source in the bedroom. If necessary, to reduce noise, place the UPS behind a partition and not next to the bed, while observing the conditions for efficient cooling of the UPS.

8.    Buy UPSs with clear displays and controls:

Each user is pleased when information about the operation of the system comes to him in an understandable and convenient form. All UPSs inform the user via beeps, for example, about switching to battery mode. In addition, the UPSs have LED indicators that indicate various conditions, including freelance ones, for example, if it is necessary to replace the battery.

9.    Buy UPS with the ability to replace batteries:

As a rule, the battery life of an uninterruptible power supply is enough for 3-5 years, after which the battery needs to be changed. At the same time, the cost of buying a new set of batteries is several times less than the cost of the UPS, when buying a UPS, pay attention to whether it is possible to replace the batteries in this model. Even the most inexperienced user can replace the battery in modern UPSs.

10.   Target companies that provide technical support:

When choosing a UPS supplier, you should take into account parameters such as a guarantee, the availability of high-quality technical support, as well as the availability of a service center in the city. Even the most technically advanced uninterruptible power supply, like any unit, needs maintenance.


It is very convenient if at any time you can call a special service, ask your question and get a prompt response. It is also worth paying attention to the reputation of the manufacturing company in the market. When you buy a well-known brand that has long established itself, you can be sure of the reliability and quality of products, and in case of problems – guaranteed technical support.