5 Ways to Promote Your Business in a Busy City

Promote Your Business

When you try to promote your business in a busy city like Sydney, it can be challenging to stand out from the competition.

That is why you need to think creatively and go the extra mile to get your advertisements and brand name noticed. You cannot afford to publish an ad in a newspaper and hope that someone will call you.

Even if you post local online classified advertisements on websites like Craigslist, your post will still get buried by all the other posts from people in the city.

It would help if you thought outside the box to draw more attention to your Sydney based business.

Below are the top 5 ways you can go about doing that.

Car Signage

Add a car wrap to your Sydney work vehicle to help people become more familiar with your business. Car wraps are vinyl films with adhesive material on the back.

First, the digital design of the wrap is made on the computer. Once the design gets your approval, the service people will print the design onto a wrap that is sized to fit your vehicle.

It will then be applied to your vehicle without any creases or folds present. Do not worry about the adhesive because it will not leave any residue behind.

As you drive around Sydney each day, your car signage will be exposed to thousands of people. The busier the city gets, the more exposure you will get.

Hire a Sign Holder

Sydney is a busy city. It has thousands of people walking on the pavements and driving on the streets each day. If you want to attract more customers to your business, then hire a person to hold a sign outside your building.

This could be a teenager that you hire for minimum wage. Just pay him or her to hold a sign that directs people inside of your business. Fancy dress always draws attention.

You could promote a special sale or discount offer on the sign with an arrow pointing to the front entrance. Customers love free items. Hand out little favours as they enter your shop. Could be as simple as handing out lollies.

Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to sell your products to hundreds or even thousands of interested consumers and stakeholders. This gives you the chance to introduce your prototypes and future products as well.

Most importantly, you can gain leads and connections at the trade shows by distributing your business cards to people.

You do not even need to rent a booth at the trade show either. You could walk around and make connections that way. Either that or you can share a booth with someone else and split the costs.

If you two have compatible or similar products, then it could be beneficial to you both to share the same booth.

Host Free Seminars

People love anything free. If you host a free seminar in the city that teaches people about the benefits of a product or service that you’re selling, it might draw more attention to your company.

Make sure you offer the attendees some free goodies, such as drinks, doughnuts, pamphlets, etc. This will make them comfortable enough to want to stay throughout your entire seminar and hear what you have to say.

Sign up with a Chamber of Commerce

Every major town and city have a Chamber of Commerce. In Sydney, it is now called the Sydney Business Chamber.

It is a community for local businesses in the city to collaborate, cross-promote, and sponsor each other’s ads.

Since it is difficult to stand out in a busy city like Sydney, it is very beneficial for new businesses to become associated with the Chamber of Commerce. It is the best way to make business connections and to accelerate your advertising potential to the residents of the city.

Image Pixabay License CCO