The Job of a Facilities Specialist Explained

Catering Industry

Somebody whose job happens to be a facilities specialist, (also known as a facilities coordinator), typically works as a member of a team which is responsible for many duties that are related to the running of a building’s upkeep.

The facilities specialists might have to undertake different tasks, which may involve things such as looking after shipping operations, conference organisation, repairs and maintenance.

  • A facilities specialist is usually in charge of aspects of employee safety, which can include coordinating emergency responses and educating employees on the best practices.
  • And depending on their level of duty, they may have to supervise other group members.

Development and Coordination Matters

Facilities specialists are typically responsible for posting coordination and receiving mail and other related daily smaller tasks. They must hand out incoming mail to staff, and then take care of outgoing mail. In a number of cases, this will also include having to develop procedures for handling interoffice post, as well as offering help to any staff members who have to send packages or other items.

If conference planning is deemed a duty of the facilities specialist, his or her job duties will involve:

  • Coordinating all meetings and functions of the office.
  • Covers things such as ordering business and online catering equipment and supplies.
  • Conference scheduling.
  • The ordering of any needed equipment, and taking care of conference attendees.

This may also mean organising any required technical or audio/visual functions.

Matters of Maintenance

Fulfilling all of a building’s repair and maintenance duties is one more crucial responsibility of the facilities specialist. This may often mean being able to respond immediately to any repair requests and making sure that the repairs are then carried out as soon as possible.

The taking of staff requests and relaying them on to another section or an outside vendor for resolution can also be part of a day’s work.

  • And alongside this there’s maintaining a solid database system, making sure to log every single one of these activities.

Database Detail

The facilities specialist’s multifaceted job is also being made responsible for the development and updating of staff safety and emergency response tactics.

  • They must decide on what action to take for events like building evacuation, and the administering of first aid to injured staff.
  • They will be made responsible for the maintenance of emergency building equipment such as fire alarms and extinguishers.

Supervisory Duties

When in a supervisory role, the facilities specialist will be responsible for administering other facilities staff, and the hiring of new employees, and also be the primary consultant for the facilities team with company workers.

  • And finally, he or she may also be accountable for the representation of the facilities team to senior-level management.

As you can very clearly see and appreciate, that is a indeed a great deal of duties and responsibilities! If you are looking for an active post, why not check out the job of a facilities specialist?!