The Benefits of Galvanised Steel Doors


When you are choosing doors for your business or your factory, you have to make a few considerations. You need to consider which doors will keep your business as safe as possible. That’s especially important for factories because they are often not monitored as closely as some other areas. A warehouse likely sits unattended for hours at a time. You can hire a security guard to help keep your space safe. You also need great doors. In addition to keeping your space safe, you need a door that will not degrade over time. A door that degrades over time will make you less safe after a while; furthermore, it will make you spend more money in the long run. You’ll have to pay for the upkeep of that door or pay to replace it. Your best option is galvanised steel.

What Is Galvanised Steel?

Steel is made from iron and some other components; since steel is made of iron, it is a ferrous metal. Ferrous metals are prone to oxidation or rusting in the presence of oxygen and moisture. They also can corrode over time. To prevent that from happening, the steel is galvanised. Galvanising steel involves applying a protective coating of zinc over the door. Zinc is a non-reactive metal that does not rust or corrode even when it is rained on repeatedly. This means that the galvanised steel roller shutter doors will not rust over time. They will always be protective of your warehouse.

Furthermore, the doors are typically on rollers that are also made of metal. Your rollers need to be made with galvanised steel tracks.

Galvanised Steel Tracks

If the steel of the tracks is not galvanised, it can start to rust. This means that the door will not be safe, no matter how well the door itself resists rusting. The door will form gaps and vulnerabilities where the tracks are. Furthermore, the rusted tracks will make it very difficult for the door to raise and lower. A good galvanised steel track will prevent the tracks from rusting. This means that they will always open and close with little resistance. Finally, you need a way to make sure that they open and close safely.

Safety Brake

You need a galvanised steel door with a safety brake. That will keep the door from free-falling to the ground. Depending on the type of door you have, a power outage or malfunction could cause it to lose power and the engine to let the door slip. A safety brake will prevent it from slipping. As with the other components of the door, this needs to be rust-proof. The safety brake will not always get much use. However, when you need it, you need to make sure that it is not rusted or corroded.