The 10 Best Trends in Freelancing in 2017


The year 2016 has no doubt brought a significant change in the working of freelancers. And in 2017, it is rumoured that more positive changes are in the offing.

  • Demand

A research done by Princeton states many of the jobs from 2005 to 2015 were offered to free lance professionals in US. It is 2017 and a lot of freelance jobs are in demand. It automatically means, you will be employed and companies are in demand for skilled professionals.

  • Team Work

If you are a freelancer, you have to do many of the work without any support from a team. However, you can keep all the profits. You need high energy levels and need to be proficient in work.

But in 2016, when stuck in a big project you can ask your counterparts for assistance. If you are a content writer, you can also double up as a SEO guy and also as a website designer to offer a full package to the client. If not, you can always rely on the free lancing community for help. Also, there are tools such as Trello which help you keep track of a project from the beginning to the end.

  • New Options for work

Social media platforms have also risen up to the trend, and recently Linkedin launched Profinder to assist the freelance community. There are also other platforms such as 99Designs, SimplyHired etc.

To get work, it is necessary to have your profile on as many platforms as possible. You do not need to be active on all the boards, but it is mandatory that businesses should know about your capabilities.

Perfect Information

Once you apply for a freelancing job at a company, the concerned official will check your credentials online. So you have to keep information updated and consistent on all the social media platforms. You cannot have a post stating that you had worked as an engineer in A company between 2010 – 2012 in Facebook but convey a different information for the same period in Linkedin. You are less likely to get a job with these errors.

As far as writing is concerned, many of the magazines are going digital, and this factor is considered one of the major reasons to enhance your online presence (if you are a content writer).

  • Massive Change

It is better you become an expert in one segment instead of being a jack of all sweet trades. Your profile will be short-listed then and companies will ask for your services. You should have knowledge about the recent trends, new tools regarding your domain and liable to predict what can happen in the next two years.

Also, it has to be kept in mind, change is difficult to adhere by. But to sustain in life, it is essential.

  • Expiry Of Junk Content In Writing

One decade ago, there was the mad scrambling of 300 word articles for SEO. But now with Google updating its skills and search for quality content, junk articles are on the road to expiry.

Softwares have come to the fore, where words can be juggled and behold! An article is born. The pattern has now shifted to quality written articles crafted more by passion rather than working for only money.

  • Apps

Apps became a necessity in 2015, and it marked the return of talented professional in any field. Whether be a company or an individual, every social media website had an app which was easily accessible in mobile. You can voice your compliments, grievances on social media platforms directly. Companies failing to pay freelancers were roasted in social media and made to pay additional fees. Similarly, freelancers who indulged in thievery and other negative behaviour were also loathed in the media. It meant persons passionate in their career found a way up to the platform.

  • Online Presence

Gone were the days, when free-lance professionals scourged for jobs only with personal contacts. Came 2010 and now 2017, every freelancer in any segment (writing to mechanical engineering to software consultant) has an online presence. They have their own websites, which speaks about their work, credentials and the appreciation received from the clients. A client may visit the website of a freelance professional and decide whether to allot work or not.

  • Multimedia

Improvement in digital technology has also spawned a new era of selling your profile online. It can be from video shows, slideshows, visual storytelling, animation, infographics etc.

Kindly note, if you are a popular professional in an industry, you can have your own Youtube channel. A survey has indicated that 80 percent of the customers are likely to buy a product or opt for a service if they watch a video telling about its features. Compare the same with exposing your skills on a video in the right way, right format and how it can reach to your targeted audience.

If you are a reputed academician of French language, and out of passion of the language, you enrol in reputed websites such as Preply for taking online classes in your free time. You can be assured that persons searching for French tutors can definitely contact you at But it is also essential that you should have an online profile in all the popular social media platforms that is linked to your freelance tutor account.

  • Acceptance By The Society

There was a time, when a freelancer word got “STARES”. In fact the society was of the view – the term meant you have been fired from a job. Or, you must have spent considerable years in one domain, like that of a director and after retirement switched to consulting as a freelancer. In recent times, free lancing have been accepted as a “job” by the society and envied upon as you get to work as per your wishes.

  • Representation

Till today, there have been no separate concessions and facilities for the freelancers. But as your number grows, and you contribute to the economy, insurance companies and Government agencies will think for separate insurance, tax returns, policies and regulations.

All the best to the free lancing community for the future!