Small Business Focus – The Role of the Bud Tender in a Local Dispensary


Are you looking to become a Budtender in your local dispensary? We thought we’d outline the tasks that would be expected of the Budtender, since it is one of the most popular cannabis jobs. These tasks will differ from dispensary to dispensary, but we can make generalized assumptions. Probably the most important issue is that of customer service and this is central not only to your job, but to the success of the dispensary as a whole.

The Budtender must be able to work with users of cannabis of all experiences. Now that the stigma attached to cannabis has reduced, many new people are entering the dispensary and looking for advice. It is then up to the budtender to offer their advice to ensure the new user knows what to purchase. It is not only beginners who will need help, an experienced cannabis user may be looking for a recommendation for a new strain to use, and it would be the job of the Budtender to select a strain on their behalf.

Receptionist Duties

Sure, the Budtender will be responsible for advising customers on what strain to buy, they will also be expected to complete normal receptionist duties such as answering the phone and maintaining records. This is especially true for those Budtenders who work in small family owned dispensaries. Other tasks such as welcoming patients and checking ID will likely be completed by the Budtender.

In-depth Knowledge of Cannabis & the Different Strains Available

When you are being interviewed, you will most likely be given scenarios of a customer coming into the dispensary with an ailment, and you have to make a decision and recommendation for the best strain for their needs. You may then have to distinguish one strain from another, just on the basis of appearance. This level of skill requires a great understanding of cannabis and the different strains that are available.

It is important to note that simply using cannabis doesn’t give you the necessary qualifications to advise patients what to use. In fact, many employers specify that the Budtender shouldn’t be a regular user of cannabis.


It is vital that all Budtenders are passionate about cannabis and keep abreast of all the latest news in the industry. Simply relaying the facts about a strain will not cut it, you need to show that you have a real interest in cannabis so this can be communicated to the patients, who are then more likely to latch on to your passion and make a purchase.

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