How Wage Discrimination Lawyer can be Helpful?


Wage discrimination problems are faced by employees performing an equal quantity of work but not receiving equal pay. Some companies hire people on a different pay scale and discriminate their pay scales on an unlawful basis like caste, race or gender. Undoubtedly, when these cases came into existence the government noticed it. It passed laws known as anti-discrimination laws. Under these laws, companies cannot be biased with their employees on the basis of race, disability or sex. Federal laws have prohibited discrimination to occur in any workplace.

Employees can file complaints under this law when they feel that any discrimination is being made against them in the workplace. If the allegations are right, the company has to pay remuneration. These types of cases have come into notice at many workplaces. Many people are suffering from this humiliation. They are unaware of the act and do not take any action against this.

Wage discrimination act was passed to evaluate differences created by companies’ officials, which don’t have any base. For this, employees can hire attorney’s to claim their exact salary, bonus plans, vacations, holiday wages or other allowances. New Jersey Wage Discrimination Lawyer has stated that equal pay act is for both men and women and they both have the right to get equal pay for equal work. Lawyers have explained few factors that must be counted while finalizing pay scale of an employee. Let us learn about these factors:

  • Efficiency: Employees are instructed on the first day of their job that how much efforts he or she needs to deliver at the job place. Men or women work at a place, some job positions require more efforts where women do this. Still, they are paid less as per there is a gender difference. Authorities avoid their efficiencies and efforts.
  • Tasks assignments: Accountability of work should be measured in fair terms. Pay differentials are there on basis of favoritism. Officials do not refer to the task assigned and goals achievements at the time pay scale increment or settlement. Here, equal pay act solves all these problems of employees.
  • Skills Sets: Pay scale of any employee should be based on skill sets and workload offered to him. His skills and education criteria must be a priority to decide his pay. Where companies nowadays try to hire minors or racist people on low pays but the same workload. They offer low pay by discriminating on the race or caste system. In many cases, New Jersey Wage Discrimination Lawyer has granted all the compensations to the employees who had faced this kind of discrimination.
  • Working Environmental Conditions: Physical and hazards conditions are totally different so pay scale of employees working under this category should have pay scale as per the conditions.

Pay differences are allowed in cases where the employees have salary statements based on seniority, quantity, quality of work and education. If still other than these reasons, pay differences are proved, the employers have to increase the pay and give compensation. Attorneys in such cases help the employees who are humiliated. The most important thing to be considered is to choose the best lawyer for your case who has deep knowledge about this act.