Clearabee Leading in Rubbish Removal London


Living in a clean environment is the dream of most people. Most people love the tranquillity and aesthetics brought about by a well-kept atmosphere. It is the responsibility of the residents of a particular area to ensure their environment is clean. However, factors like overpopulation, negligence by the local government and the residents have to lead to poor solid waste management. This is the case in London. Romanian immigrants inhibited some of the neighbourhoods in the town. The population has steadily increased in the last ten years. Population growth has contributed to the increase of rubbish in the streets of London. Combined efforts by both governmental and private agencies have been established to beautify and restore the glory of London. Notably, Clearabee has been at the forefront to spearhead rubbish removal London. The expected result is the eventual beautification of the city.

Garbage Collection Days

Part of the rubbish removal London includes special days where all corporates unite to give back to the community. These days involve garbage collection by all staff from the senior executives to the janitors all around the city. Clearabee, with its environmental protection policies and those that felt obligated to take care of the environment for sustainability of their businesses introduced this project. Other corporations joined in the project, and it has grown to involve not only the corporates but also the local communities. It is now seen as a social event where individuals from diverse social classes come together for the benefit of their surroundings.

Clearabee provides the sanitation tools like gloves and bins to aid the project. The company later collects all the rubbish accumulated with their lorries and transports it to the landfills, awaiting recycling and processing.

Beautifying Societies

Clearabee has been the most significant player in the rubbish removal efforts in London. Together with several beautifying societies, Clearabee has held regionwide campaigns meant for rubbish removal in London. The volunteers provide each household with garbage bags to place in their dust bin for easier disposal. When full, homeowners are advised to empty the contents into the wheelie bins placed in strategic locations within the neighbourhoods.

These societies have then assigned the local government lorries a regular schedule to ensure timely collection and disposal of the rubbish at the landfills. This project is expected to bring about a long-term solution to the garbage problem in London. However, the landfills fill up quickly. Therefore, Clearabee has developed innovative ways of recycling some of the rubbish. It has built a plant that processes organic waste to fertilizer that is sold at a subsidized price to horticulture farmers in Europe.

Landscaping and Painting

In the same beautification spirit, the local government has initiated landscaping projects. The city council contributes by maintaining well-manicured lawns and flowerbeds. The road curbs have been restored by painting. London residents have welcomed the plan. Some building owners have initiated similar projects and have already repainted their buildings. Branding companies have also repainted and renewed their old looking billboards and sign lights.

Clearabee is UK’s most massive man and van rubbish clearance company. It was founded in 2012 and started with one vehicle. Currently, the company has over 180 employees and a fleet of 80 lorries. They do not subcontract any of their collection. Hence they are cheap, affordable and 100% compliant with the legal requirements. They pride with their thoroughly trained workforce, nationwide availability and their ability to offer services at any given time and day.