How Can I Participate In A Business Fair


Taking the decision to attend a business fair must be very thoughtful. And the reason is there are many benefits, but only if we are able to make the most of the exhibition where we stand, because it is not the same preparing your booth for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the impact is huge, than attending a fair where the visitors are both industry professionals and general public. In any case… How can we get ready for a business fair?

With a detailed marketing plan

We insist: a presentation in a business fair must be very thoughtful and controlled as it is not a simple announcement on a street and waiting for them to contact us, but we have to present innovative ideas and interact with our prospective customersas much as possible.

Moreover, attending a business fair requires a considerable investment, so we must be very sure that we make the most of every penny and we perform a good presentation, providing a good image and not just standing there and waiting for us the customers- we must attract them

Think what you are going to offer, how you are going to offer it and what you need to get customers naturally and voluntarily. Calculate your budget, measure your objectives, perform actions that complement the presence at the fair (promotion, claims etc.). You have a greatopportunity in front of youto select the kind of visitor you want to address (segmented visitors).

With a stand according to the needs

Once we have our specific marketing plan for the fair, the next step is to design a stand according to our needs and the requirements of the fair. We insistagain:it is not the same to go to MWC where we compete with other 2,000 booths and an audience that focuses on 100,000 professionals in just 4 days than a local fair where space is smaller and the audience more dispersed.

In the first case aspects such as a stand in line and up to the event should be our priority, where the technology is present everywhere and attractive enough so you can stand out from such a high competition. In the second situation, the more we care the design, greater the attraction for the public, who are thirsty of news and curiosities.

Moreover we don’t have to forget why we are there: we want to do business, so we need a comfortable space for meetings. If we want to focus on sale, attention should be placed on the exhibitors.

In both cases, it is essential to have professional help of specialists in design and assembly of stands and not skimp on this resource, which is the key for a successful participation.

With eager to enjoy the fair

A fair is a unique opportunity to get immersed in the atmosphere of our sector demanded by our potential customers, to observe how the competence works, what news are there etc. So we must go forward not only to conduct business, but also to learn, enjoy and get to know our profession in depth.

For this, the attitude means a lot, and a wish to enjoy beyond maximize investment (which is obviously also important) will serve to give an excellent image and get valuable information touse in our daily business, and to take advantage the next time we want to participate in a fair.