For Better Options Choose Digital Package Printing


We are now living in a digital world and even the consumer-product packaging companies are choosing digital in a big way especially in for their flexible packages. More and more companies are open and willing to allow the new ways of digital printing to help them and their business take flexible packaging to a better and a higher level.

First, a custom madedigital flexible packaging is created using the HP Indigo 20000, without having to depend on expensive plates and inventory for the printing. With the traditional methods of package printing, printing jobs will take a longer time but now with this modern digital printing, it takes less than two to three weeks to deliver the personalized packages that have been printed, laminated, formed into pouches and packed, ready for shipment.

One of the best and latest digital flexible packaging companies is ePac, LLC. It offers pre-media, digital printing, laminating, and pouch making services based on state-of-the art digital technology. It uses the latest wide-web digital printing technology which is creatively and intuitively implementing the latest technology, doing away with the plate charges and other preparation costs for their customers. It is also eco-friendly because it reduces waste product.

Even though digital package printing may not necessary be cheaper than the traditional printing methods, but a lot of brands are willing to pay the extra for a better digital quality printing. That is one of the main reasons why many have changed to digital printing for their flexible packages. Digital printing on pouch packages are used for snacks, cheese and dairy items, pet food, lawn and garden products, natural and organic food, and even for medicines.

Digital printing enables small companies to print multiple marketing materials needed without having to pay large initial or set-up fee. Digital printing provides an economical options for both small and large enterprises with many small target audience segments. With modern technology, a good digital printing company is able to provide marketers, graphic designers, and small business owners and managers with more and better quality options.

Digital printing is becoming more popular across many markets because it can easily print 500 or 5,000 custom labels with each individual label containing different information. This is known as variable data printing which opens up great new creative possibilities for customizing labels. Names can be added from a database, consecutive numbers, multiple barcodes or it can even print multiple versions of the same label.