Experience The Best With Minar Aviation


“There is simply no substitute for comfort and experience regarding Aviation safety.” When a person is choosing the air to send their freight, they want to make sure it’s safe. This is why Air Cargo GSA is needed to handle all Freight operations of airlines in respective country.

What is Cargo General Sales Agent Airline India?

Air Cargo GSA India is an agent service. This means airlines functioning in India would entrust Minar Group with high-class marketing privileges of their freight capacity at fixed terms and condition. This frequently happens when airlines find it more cost effective to employ an intermediator in territories where it won’t be possible for that airline company to be physically present. The agreement mainly comprises of the duty to observe, supervise, marketing and administrating cargos at a minimum cost of the airline.

How your experience can be enhanced?

The airline services are very particular the needs and demands of every customer. They want them to have a great flight every time they travel. To fulfill this motto of theirs, they have sincerely taken help from Air Cargo GSA India. They have come up with strategies dedicated to the need of their individual customer.

  • Corporate or business package is made. When a company is sending bulk consignment by air, they come up with plans so that their job is done with minimum investment.
  • Their luggage and packages are handled with care so that there is no loss of valued items or misplacement.
  • A systematic check in service which includes documents check and profiling of passengers.
  • Air Cargo GSA believes in collaboration with different airline company should be done to avoid inconvenience to any customer.

How is passenger and Cargo handling done?

Terminal and ramp supervision staffs are provided with the Principal carriers. They also make sure of performing the duties for a convenient boarding and landing. The activities of Global Health Alliance, pre/ post functions are all supervised by the staffs with great care.

As far as the cargo activity is concerned the team monitors palletization, making and breaking of the Unit Load Devices. This ensures optimum packing of each of the pallet per customer. Air Cargo GSA also takes care of loading and unloading of freights to and from the aircraft on Indian Airports.

How supervision at Airports handled?

Both passenger and cargo care is done under proper supervision. Strict security is maintained by e under proper supervision. Strict security is maintained by Indian . Proper checking of aircraft, freight and documents are done to avoid any mishap.ng of aircraft, freight and documents are done to avoid any mishap.

How are marketing and sales done?

Every customer they have is valuable. Only goodwill can fetch more growth. Air Cargo GSA in  India also believes the same and hence, has come up with strategies that can be very beneficial for them. They structure their strategy by maintaining goodwill, keeping updated with their proposition. They are provided with proper information to their customers so that they don’t go through any trouble.

Air Cargo GSA India has come up with the best services to take care of the customers and provide them the best possible benefits.