Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Is there a Difference?


We hear about a lot of entrepreneurs and most slip our minds within a few hours of reading or hearing about their accomplishments. It might be because they are mundane or simply did not appeal to our sense of emotional achievement that most of us as people yearn for. Some might argue that innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand while others say that entrepreneurship is very much possible without innovation but not the other way around.

An entrepreneur has the ability to seek out gaps in the market or more accurately customer requirements and act upon whereas innovators bring a whole new set of ideas to the existing market and expand it. These are some of the present day entrepreneurs/leaders that are hot topics for these debates.

Ana Maiques is a Spanish born businesswoman who is the founder and CEO of Neuroelectrics that produces innovative devices that have time and time again managed to stimulate different sections of the brain for scientific study checking for various functions as well as abnormalities. These devices are also capable of treating the brain in various cases for illnesses or deformities in some cases and proven to be quite successful. Ana claims that here medical technology has helped many people suffering from mental illnesses such as depression and chronic phantom pain recover rapidly from their ailments

Aviv Hadar is an Israeli born founder and CEO of Oregrown – a company that legally sells cannabis based products within the confines of its outlets tailored like coffee shops in the state of Oregon. He is one of the few to have made a Low-Pressure film; a film produced entirely in the higher peaks of the Rocky Mountains where oxygen levels and temperatures plummet well below what the human body can handle. The film is meant to highlight the far-reaching lifestyle of the Oregrown culture and lifestyle. Aviv is a strong supporter of legalizing cannabis, maintaining his stance by debating that many social problems and economic upturns could follow suit in the wake of such a legislation.

Malcolm CasSelle is the owner and acting president of OPSkins. An online venture that provides gamers from across the world to buy and sell their gaming characters skins. Games ranging from Counter-Strike to Starcraft – people have made thousands of dollars selling uniquely designed skins for their characters in the games. The company then uses these in collaboration with gaming production houses as muses to come with new and improved characters for games that are in development or to add to pre-planned updates to online games as new characters for players.

These are some of the businessman today that are raging topics of debates among think-tanks as to what constitutes a true innovator or an entrepreneur. Is it simply being at the right place at the right time the debate goes on but one thing is for certain – these people are making a difference in people’s lives and earning millions of dollars in doing what they love.