Does Your Church Need Insurance?


It’s an odd question to ask, but it’s a necessary one.

Churches need funding. And that funding goes to maintenance of the Church’s infrastructure and employees.

So it’s like a business. You have many assets to protect. And you want to risk the least amount of money possible…

What Risks?

Let’s start with accidents.

You need insurance against accidents. You need to insure the building itself, and the items within the Church.

Then there are items that belong to the Church. For example, there are transport mechanisms, like busses for trips and staff.

And let’s not forget Church furniture and décor.

Natural Disasters.

Those accidents might be natural disasters – like earthquakes and floods.

However, this is location specific, and in that case, you need to buy insurance accordingly.


Those are more common than natural disasters. Wardens, pastors, and other staff could fall into accidents during work hours…

Church Specific Insurance?

Sometimes, legal claims might be made against your church. And they can be made for a variety of reasons…

Someone might claim that your church injured them physically. A lawsuit for that needs to be funded by insurance.

Accusations by Employees.

Sometimes, employees feel dissatisfied with management. And they go after their workplace with a lawsuit.

In a church environment, you might combat lawsuits related to:

  • Wrongful Termination.

Then there’s sexual harassment, which is a hot button issue in the church environment.

Sexual Harassment.

Sexual harassment can happen inside churches too. And often, many sexual abusers describe themselves as religious folk.

Now, this doesn’t mean that your church is complicit in the abuse. But you want to avoid being prosecuted for abuses you weren’t responsible for.

Insurance here is also a safe measure. Because you get funding for a surprise (and often controversial) issue in the religious world.

So Where Do I Start?

To be fair, getting insurance for a business is a bit complex.

Because there’s much to insure, and you obviously can’t buy all plans. That would be a waste of money.

What you need is insurance that matches the activity levels of your business, and its environment.

So you need help. You need a resource that lists the different types of insurance you can get. And it should consult you on what’s best for you.

For that, we recommend…

South States Insurance.

There, you can read up all you need on church liability insurance.

The list is long, encapsulating over a dozen insurance suggestions. And each is simplified, giving you an idea on who it’s useful for.

Also, with SSI, you can always consult them on the best packages for you.

So take as much time as you need to research, and customize your insurance accordingly!