Creating The Best Label Design With Professionals

Label Design

Designing a label for a commercial product is more difficult than finding a logo for a brand. The label does not only convey the brand image but also has to include crucial information and some form of catchy pictorial description relevant to the product. It also has to look unique so that the product can stand out among its competitors. Any good label design company should be able to strike a balance between readable content and creative design within a small label. However, the creativity of the owner of the brand is key.

Leading to a Good Label Design

Professional label design makers can deliver on their clients ideas or chime in with their own suggestions. It is recommended for entrepreneurs to add a personal touch to their brand. The brand owner must have some creative input, if not the exact idea for the label design. Anybody can design a half-decent logo that professionals can later perfect. But how to lead to that initial design? Learn more about Creating The Best Label Design at

Understanding the Buyer

The entire point of the label is to communicate with potential buyers and convince them within the few seconds they invest in reading the label. Understanding the buyer is crucial to figuring out what they want.

The general demographics like age group, gender, ethnicity, and lifestyle of the target demographic would provide some clues. Their interest in the product itself will tell the rest about them.

Understanding the Competition

The potential buyers are also looking at the competitor’s products with the same interest. Finding out what does not work for the other brands and using that to establish a USP for the product is a good approach.

For example, a hair growth serum from a competitor might have images of old people on its label. Targeting only older people might not be as fruitful as younger balding people will feel excluded. The older target demographic might not be as interested in growing back a head full of hair. The solution? A picture of two people, one old and one young, with happy faces and a head full of hair. Everybody feels included, everybody has renewed hope, and everybody considers buying this more inclusive product.

Font and Spacing

The design must have ample negative space to make the text clear and make room for the part of the label that will not be visible. A professional label design company will handle the visibility angle once they know the shape and size of the product it is going on.

Color Combination

Bright colors like red and orange are best used in minimalistic accents, the base is best left neutral to let the font in the dark stand out. A dark base and light font could be a welcome change. If the product belongs to a regulated category with standard color codes, that needs to be factored in.


The images and text should be relevant and clear. There must be room for the barcode and fine print. These are too many things to factor in for someone with no experience. This is why a label design company is helpful. A professional label designer will make their client’s creative ideas come true.