Why Should you Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer in San Antonio?

Estate Planning Lawyer

Every adult should have an estate plan (last will, Power of Attorney) to be prepared. If you become incompetent or pass away, an estate plan offers security and care for your property, your children, or your care. Because we all require an estate plan, the availability of do-it-yourself estate planning is growing in popularity.

But be cautious! Making your estate plan without the help of an experienced estate planning attorney might lead to future issues or, worse, future expenditures for you and your family. These are some top reasons to hire a San Antonio Estate Planning Lawyer

An attorney is fluent in legal jargon.

Your documents must use the language you need to explain your goals effectively. When reading your paperwork, the law will most likely make a default determination that may not be in your best interests if you are unsure about something. Hiring an attorney to draught these vital documents ensures that the lawyer will express your objectives clearly and that the law’s default conclusion does not interfere.

A lawyer will be able to tell you precisely what you possess.

When it comes to the property of married couples, this becomes a serious concern. It might be challenging to determine if the property is your separate property (you own 100%) or communal property (you and your spouse share 50%). The counsel of an attorney can assist you in classifying your property and determining what you truly possess in the eyes of the law. 

An estate planning attorney may be a valued counsel for your family.

It might be helpful to have trusted counsel to help your family manage the probate procedure at a difficult time. Nevertheless, it is good to use a lawyer you have known for a long time. 

An attorney can construct backup plans.

So, you’ve decided who you’d like to inherit your property with after you die? What if that person or those people die before you, or if they decline your gift? An estate planning attorney can assist you in drafting good options to ensure that your property has protection in the case of a disaster.


You can make an estate plan for yourself, but expert advice is always advisable. So figure out things on your own, but if you have doubts, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer as it is indeed an important decision of your life.