Why Reseller Audits Are Worth It While Dealing With Resellers In Asia


When you would be doing business with resellers in various Asian countries, over time and with experience, you would get to know many things which apparently do not show up to the eyes of the novice. One significant thing is that many Asian resellers often fail to give the exact picture of their factory working, capacity, processes etc. to the client for many reasons.

Though this is not done deliberately all the time, but such incidences also are not uncommon. Basically it’s the difference in the way they read, write, and speak English and other foreign languages from European countries, which makes them address issues with a different understanding and perception than what is actually anticipated.

What happens when you deal with an unaudited factory?

Often it happens that they would answer ‘yes’ to a query when asked, whereas the real answer to that should be ‘no’. This happens because they get a different or distorted perception of the issue addressed, and due to their language limitations they deliver something with confusion and non-clarity.

This language barrier and limitation along with such problems really do not have a quick fix. Neither do the businesses like to show their clients that they are poor in understanding many things and addressing queries. That’s why the lack in communication can tarnish many facts for the prospective client, and result in hiding of facts, modification of data and perception etc. The ultimate help and clarity comes from the true data of a reseller audit Asia only. That’s why audits done by auditors who are licensed and experienced is a great way to know what you actually can expect from the factory.

What do you understand from a reseller audit report?

You can understand many things from a complete in-depth reseller audit report.

  • The capacity and manpower of the reseller to complete your project as committed, in the quantity and scale within time.
  • Their capacity to give you the best or standard quality of service or product you ask for.
  • Whether they have the required infrastructure that they claim.
  • If the ownership of the business or reseller license is okay and what’s the exact status.
  • If they have all the legal permits to work.

A reseller audit Asia scans through all such details and audit through bank accounts, management, company size and everything which are required to form a clear picture of the reseller business.

Concluding notes

It’s very important that you approach your Asian reseller for an audit, and get them inspected totally. This will help you understand if all the details they are showing to you are correct and credible or not. Moreover the time and money you put in a deal and the chance you give to the reseller must be well gauged to avoid any disappointment and loss at your part. Hence, reseller audits are highly necessary, and show you the true path. You may decide whether to work with the reseller or not based on a complete audit report.