What Is SoComm?


Shopping is the act of visualizing and buying the things that you want and need. Shopping refers to an act of spending in exchange for goods and services. Shopping can be a need or a want or both at the same time. One thing is certain though, for the most part, you shop and you spend money. But what if you can shop while earning on that purchase and more?

Affiliate marketing refers to a marketing strategy that uses marketers to drive traffic, referrals, and sales to the platform like an e-commerce store for example. Affiliate marketing is a unique way in that regard because people that do affiliate marketing are not exactly connected to the brand. Most of these people are consumers that want to earn extra by promoting well-known brands.

SoComm: Social commerce (SoComm) can be defined as buying with rewards and affiliate marketing at the same time. How? Well… In social commerce you buy and when you do, you earn points. Aside from that, you will have the opportunity to promote such a brand and potentially earn more money. When you drive traffic and sales you get a reward for that and you can use that on your next purchase or save it for the rainy days.

Is SoComm something new? Social commerce is not new, its years and years old, it’s just that you just discovered it now and only a handful of people knows about it. But mind you that those people have been earning while they are shopping! Some are even earning more versus what they shop! Pretty cool right? The best part about it is that it’s not hard selling or fraud because you can just share the products in your social media accounts, refer friends and relatives to purchase things from a well-known brand and for the most part, these people are purchasing from those brands already.

Socomm is perfect for everyone: Social commerce is perfect for everyone because it offers people the opportunity to earn while they are shopping. Its shopping and marketing affiliation at the same time. Its perfect for everybody since its not hard selling and people are so innate with social media that sharing is second nature. It’s a skill that most people never really knew can actually help them earn some money and companies like trunited.con give that opportunity.

Shopping has always been referred to as a loss but a necessity at the same time. Loss in a sense that you lose money in buying consumer products, and a necessity since for the most part, it’s for survival and for your needs. And you don’t really have a choice since you need it. But do you really have a choice? You do actually with Social commerce, a different approach on how you shop for the reason that you get to earn rewards and even earn in the process that you’re all too familiar with.