What Are the Advantages of A Digital Business Card Vs A Printed Card

Business Card

In today’s era, people are preferring digital business cards as a replacement for printed professional design business cards. Mostly the people who are running photography businesses use soft photography business cards as a marketing and promotional tool.

Let me be clear that both of these types of business cards are important in expanding the business. If a person uses both types of cards then definitely these cards help in generating more leads and business.

Anyhow in this guide, there is a comprehensive discussion on what are the advantage of a digital business card vs a printed card. So let’s break the ice and let’s dive into the blog.

Best Way to Share Information with Your Contacts

The main flaw of a printed business card is that it may be misplaced and disappear from the wallet of people. So they would not able to contact you in time of need. So they will definitely pick up their smartphone and take help from google.

So in case if you are sharing your business card virtually with your contact then there is high chance they will definitely contact you in the first place at the time of need. Additionally, you can share your card with several people at a time.

Ultimately it is the quickest and easiest way of transferring information with your clients and business associates.

Expand the Business Connection

A digital business card help to expand the business connection. The information of your business has been printed over the card like business name, email, contact number etc. so people can easily contact you when they needed. In this way you can expand your business by using the digital business card.

No Cost for Print Out

The main thing that I personally like about the digital business card is that you do not need to invest in its printing. Ultimately you can send this business card to unlimited contacts without investing money in its print.

So send your business card as much as you can to generate more business from it. The main thing in this regard is that your business card should be very simple and professional.

All Information on a Single Card

A digital business card contains all information like the link to your business website, Hyperlinked email address and exact address synced with google Maps. Ultimately the user finds this method more convenient to access you.

In the case of printed business cards, the customer has to dial your number or email you which is more time taking.


If you are using a digital card. In this case, if you want to change any information on the card, then you can do it only with a single click. Ultimately this process is more effortless and less time taken.

Final Words

As I have already mentioned that both types of cards are important in their own place. Start your business by using a digital business card. When you start generating some income you can invest little money on the printed business cards