Top 3 reasons to hire a personal injury attorney in NY!

personal injury attorney

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, or slip-and-fall accident, is never easy. When you have suffered serious injuries and financial losses, you would need the maximum possible support from everyone around. However, in your best interests, you must consider engaging a known personal injury attorney for your case, especially if the accident happened because of someone’s fault. Law firms in NY, such as King Law, have been working on personal injury claims and lawsuits for years, and their attorneys can guide on your rights and options. In this post, we are sharing 3 reasons to hire a personal injury attorney in New York. 

1. You have sustained serious or debilitating injuries

If an accident has left you with injuries that are likely to impact your life ahead, consider talking to an attorney at the earliest. Following a serious crash, people often end up with temporary or/and permanent disabilities, and that can affect their livelihood, jobs, and future in many ways. Serious injuries may also mean paying for long-term medical treatment and therapy. A personal injury attorney can help in evaluating the true worth of your claim. 

2. When fault is not clear

At times, it can be hard to understand what or who may have caused the accident. Insurance companies often try to shift blame, so that they don’t have to pay a huge settlement. You need a personal injury attorney because you don’t want to lose your rights. Also, a lawyer can defend you, if you are facing counter claims. 

3. When multiple parties are involved

There are many accidents, where more than one party shares the fault. In such cases, the investigation is an important factor for determining fault and establishing liability. In case of car accidents, NY is also a no-fault state, and there are only limited scenarios, when one can actually file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Call a personal injury attorney, so that you know how to go ahead with your claim. 

Consult an attorney today

Many personal injury attorneys in NY will be happy to offer a free case evaluation. Consulting an attorney doesn’t have to cost anything, and if the lawyer takes your case, they may even work on a contingency fee. If you have a personal injury claim or lawsuit, an attorney is your best resource and help for getting a fair compensation. Of course, do your homework before signing an attorney.