Things you must know about POAS


The acronym POAS stands for Profit on Ad Spend. It’s an alternate shorthand for the original ROAS, which was supposed to be Return on Ad Spend but became Revenue on Ad Spend, as described. Profit on Ad Spend (POAS) is a measure of internet marketing and advertising campaigns’ return on investment. The POAS is a statistic that allows you to track your campaign profits with greater precision.

Things one must know about POAS


Depending on your goals, POAS, which is about direct, revenue-optimized performance, maybe less beneficial. The purpose of using POAS as a campaign metric is to be able to supply and manage variable margins for businesses. Its less useful for products with small profit margin differences. Learn more about Things you must know about POAS at


You divide the gross profit attributable to the online marketing channel by the ad cost to get the POAS of your online advertising. These figures are directly similar, therefore a POAS greater than one (1) indicates that you have made money.


Simply said, it determines the most precise return on your advertising investment. As a result, you’ll be able to plan and execute your campaigns more effectively and efficiently, and you’ll be able to focus on the areas that need to be addressed.


The focus of online marketers is gradually changing from ROAS to POAS. Today, some marketers consider POAS to be a more accurate indicator of your PPC campaign’s profitability and conversion rates than ROAS.

The predecessor

Because it was the best practice that was readily available, ROAS has only become the best practice. When you use a revenue-based metric like ROAS, you end up with an opaque system that requires a lot of one-size-fits-all rules and guessing to compensate for its flaws. ROAS is difficult to comprehend and apply. Furthermore, you will lose out on prospective income.

The successor

POAS is a simple best practice that anyone can use and understand: If your gross profit exceeds your ad cost, you’ve made money. With ProfitMetrics, you can use POAS directly in Google, Facebook, and other paid marketing channels, allowing you to focus your time and resources on the ads that have the most impact on your bottom line. No guessing and complete transparency!


POAS is a direct metric in internet advertising that is easy to use and understand. You will surely outperform your competition in terms of lead generation and prospecting if you start using the POAS statistic in your ad campaigns.

Tracks margins

Rather than tracking margins, evaluating the profit from each transaction generated by your internet marketing allows you to see what pushes the needle for your company. Tracking margins is prone to inaccuracies because you don’t know what things were purchased, and it doesn’t give you an accurate picture of how your company is doing per product.

Tracks profits

Instead of relying on an average Return on Ad Spend figure, watching your profits allows you to bid the exact amount you can afford in real-time, maximizing profitability.