The Key to a Successful Office Relocation


Whether you are relocating across town or to a different city, moving your entire office can be stressful and time consuming, resulting in the loss of productivity. Hiring an experienced, reliable moving company could be the best solution for your relocating needs.

Moving an office is a highly involved process that could take you and your employees away from business for a substantial amount of time. Organising, packing, and transporting items from one office to another can be a hassle. Hiring experienced office movers in Melbourne will keep you free to focus on your business and eliminate the risk of your employees being injured by moving fixtures and heavy furniture, as well as causing potential damage to office equipment.

Before the Move

First, a representative from the moving company will visit your office to complete a thorough inspection of the site and discuss the unique needs of your business before providing a quote for your relocation. Next, the supervisor assigned to your project will work with you to develop a detailed, customised plan for moving your office with the least possible disruption to your daily routine. The project supervisor will work with you to discuss a protection plan and insurance coverage options.

The supervisor will also meet with you and your staff to discuss the details of the move and train your employees on how to pack files in an efficient and organised manner. The mover will then deliver packing materials to your office that are specifically designed for systematic packing and unpacking. Files will be packed and catalogued.

Look for a mover who will guarantee that your confidential documents will be transported in a secure manner, such as a company that is certified in office moving systems. Ask how the mover determines the cost of the service. Does the company provide an itemised list of expenses? Do they have a reputation for excellent customer care? Does the company provide high levels of asset protection?

During the Move

Imagine how much time and effort your office will save by hiring a company that will dismantle, transport, and reassemble fixtures, such as tables and shelves. A reliable moving service will take precautions to ensure that your files, equipment, furniture, and building are protected with padded covers, a secure strapping system, and protection for your doors, walls, and floors.

There are movers who utilise specialised equipment, such as custom-made trolleys that are designed to transport files, computers, and furniture safely. Ideally, a mover will have enough trolleys that your items are loaded and unloaded only once, not multiple times, to decrease the potential for damage.

Other useful services that a relocation company might provide include sorting items that you are not taking with you, taking saleable items to auction, and recycling or properly disposing of the rest. Some movers also employ environmentally friendly methods, such as the use of reusable, tapeless boxes to minimise waste. All movers should adhere to OHS regulations to maintain the safety of your employees, as well as their own employees.

The New Location

Upon arrival at your new location, the mover will unload and set up your office according to the layout that you have specified, making sure heavy items are in the correct location and equipment and furniture are set up and ready to use.

Files that were previously organised in a systematic manner are now easy to unpack and store. The moving company might assist with the unpacking process if requested. When finished, the mover will remove all packing materials, leaving your new space looking clean and professional.

Maximise productivity and minimise stress by relying on an experienced, reputable moving service for your office relocation.