Psychometric Assessment: An Indispensable Part of Recruitment

Psychometric Assessment

The human resource managers know the methodological techniques of selection and retaining of the correct psychometric assessment tests. Such assessment tests carefully selected according to the needs of the organisation based on employee performance, failing to fulfill which requires regular modification or abandonment of the test. In this context organisations are asked to conduct multiple psychometric tests to get a consistent view of the ‘would be recruited’ talents.

Why psychometric assessment tests are considered significant for recruitment?

The most obvious answer would be that psychometric testing in the screening procedure, give the most accurate evaluation and understanding of a candidate chosen via screening.Although criticisms are prevalent still empirical evidence suggest that psychometric testing provides an objective evaluation of a job seeker’s strengths and weaknesses, personality and working style.This objective evaluation of the performance appraisal of a candidate is measured by quantitative aptitude via quantitative aptitude test, a kind of psychometric assessment.

Psychometric assessment tests refer to the evaluation of the cognitive traits like- job related behaviours, personality and capabilities of a candidate, otherwise difficult to be assessed through interview. Psychometric tests are most likely to be collaborated with other performance tests,aiming to provide a much wider and integrated strategy of evaluation. This will not only enhance correct selection of employees but also strengthen the retention of the former. That is to say psychometric testsaidorganisations to make successful appointment decisions.

How does psychometric test make successful employment decisions?

A psychometrictest measures multiple attributes like critical reasoning of the verbal and numerical aptitude, motivation, intelligence and personality profile. The objective data obtained from such testsfurnishesquantitative information that covers a perfect evaluation of the candidates in all round aspects.Psychometric tests give scientific credibility and lessen the subjectivity in the procedure of recruitment, offering a just and genuine way for the assessment of the candidates by a standardized test.

The process helps in quick identification of the perfect and potentially capable candidates in one go, to further enhance the accuracy of the interview process. Hence not only does the screening procedure by quantitative aptitude tests of an organisation,aid in the right choice of the workers, but also it serves to reduce the work load of the human resource managers effectively.

Measures of a Psychometric Test

The various types of psychometric tests measure job motivation, job attitudes, priorities, values and opinions regarding the kind of tasks handed over to them and in what situations. Psychometric tests accurately measure the unique working styles of every individual worker, and also their attitudes towards their work.It also measures their levels of social intelligence and ways of interaction with the environment and their fellow workers.

Psychometric tests are very effective in analysing hidden traits and talents in an individual. This is why aptitude tests are so significant. The formal education received in educational institutions, often failed to recognise the true potentialities of a candidate. Aptitude tests help in providing a realistic view of the inherent talents and abilities.