How to increase productivity

increase productivity
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Achieve maximum in the first conference of the day

Between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. In this case, the best results in the performance of tasks and handling of complex issues are achieved in this part of the day. We are talking about the fact that within this period we need a special mood that is best suited for creative activity, effective outsourcing software development, decision making, and resolution of difficult situations. Your memory and state of mind are at the highest level. In this part of the day, you research and develop of new algorithms. A sense of satisfaction from the results achieved in the first part of the day will help you to work efficiently after lunch.

Be distracted by schedule.

Of course, working without being disrupted is a good tactic if you do not go too far. We have already said that your eyes and your brain need rest, at least several times a day. But the reality is that we break off our work a certain number of times per day. For example, we at WebSailors go for lunch, sometimes to have a cup of coffee, to exchange impressions with a colleague, to talk on the phone with relatives. Plan these distractions depending on the tasks assigned, because the most important thing here is to steer clear of extremes: it is equally harmful to work without pauses, and a constant desire to interrupt something as well.

Before embarking on an unpleasant or difficult task, our consciousness automatically tries to be distracted. When it is necessary to perform the task, it appears that you have not checked the mail, selected the appropriate music track, you have not configured the theme in the editor and, of course, have not poured a mug of fresh tea, and so on. Therein lies the danger of a not-on-schedule “distraction” – something that should be avoided at all means.

Clear tasks as soon as they are received.

Accustom yourself to clarify each task received with the customer or the boss as soon as you receive it. And the point here is not so much that otherwise, you have to redo it. It’s just that the human brain is designed in such a way that, first of all, it seeks to do what it understands and to delay as much as possible the implementation of what it is necessary to understand further. Most often, such tasks are postponed to the last moment, which leads to the failure of all deadlines. After all, it is simply impossible to do the task qualitatively, without understanding it to the end, in a short time.

We hope that our tips will help you become at least a little more productive than before