How to Choose the Perfect Abstract Art for Your Space

Abstract Art

Modern art paintings are a beautiful way of expressing an emotion, feeling, state of mind and any situation. It widens the horizons of your thoughts. It allows you to think beyond any boundaries and constraints. Another, exciting fact about Modern art paintings is that there are so many ways of imbibing it in your house, which make it a full spectrum of creativity and colours.

If you’re an art collector or an art enthusiast, modern art is the most welcoming of all. By merely exploring its forms, you would want to try and bring those pieces home, to uplift the mood of your house.

We bring you five broad-stroke ideas for choosing to display that can unleash the decorator in you.

Five ways broad-Strokes Design Help you decorate your house

  1. The Bigger, the better

These kinds of paintings look better and rather best when their sizes are bigger than any normal modern art painting. You out to pick a piece that covers the maximum is on your wall. One of the two reasons why broad stroke painting should be bigger in size is that they should always be the centrepieces for the kind of colours that are used in them. The other reason is that these pieces sometimes attract you to find their meanings. It’s always better to get them in a bigger size, for these are best when bigger.

  1. Small size-tiny pieces

In case you do not have ample space to let the painting be the centrepiece, you can then club 4-5 pieces of broad stroke painting to allow the wall to emanate a complete feeling. You can pick small size paintings to club together so that the essence is maintained and somehow the wall resembles an exhibition wall.

  1. Wild bird Broad-Stroke Paintings and decorations

Wild bird board-Stroke paintings were mostly hung during the 90s-2000s but they have made a comeback. Even after a comeback they are fairly cheaper than other modern painting and can be hung alongside some beautiful crystal of stone pieces. That brings the room together in one single piece.

  1. Dark tone paintings and mute features

In case the entire of your rooms are more- dark in tone, then you can complement them by placing a nude tone broad stroke painting or vice-versa depending upon the tone of the room. You can then, without doing much compliment the painting by using mute refurbished wood furnishing to bring a different vibration to the room.

  1. Symmetrical Broad-Stroke Painting and aluminium frame lamps

Symmetrical painting brings another life to the room, and you can complete the room by hanging aluminium frame symmetrical lamps with exposed bulbs. These paintings are again easily available on any e-commerce website, and the lamps add to the whole mode of symmetrical paintings. If not, the lamps you can alternatively install focus lights.


The best way to incorporate art in your house is through, hanging or placing it in your, ‘casa’. Indian abstract canvas painting is rich with variety. You can pick the pieces which add more quality to your house irrespective of their sizes. Such pieces add depth and more value to your house and help you to let your inner decorator shine bright!

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