Five Main Types of Packaging Boxes

Packaging Boxes

Whether you have a business or you simply need to ship items to places far away, the right packaging is important if you want them to get to where they are going safely and without getting broken. Contrary to what some people believe, there really are lots of shipping boxes available these days, and they come in all sizes, materials, and even shapes. Although the packing process itself is very important, the box you choose is important as well, and if you’re interested in learning what types of boxes are available to you, keep reading.

  1. Folding Carton Boxes

If you’re shipping light items such as clothes or shoes, you might want to consider using these boxes. They come in various sizes and fold flat when they’re not being used. They usually have a lid that folds into the bottom section of the box, and you can even tape them down after you do this. This is one of the most common types of boxes used to ship items today, and they have been used for many years.

  1. Full Overlap Boxes

Available in many different sizes, these make great shipping boxes because the outer flap completely overlaps the width of the box, and therefore they are super easy to manoeuvre and to make sure the items inside are nice and secure. The box is very tough and gives you plenty of room to write on the outside, and some of them even have handles to make carrying the box a lot easier on you.

  1. Telescope Boxes

Telescope boxes come in two separate parts – a bottom and a lid/top – and they are fairly sophisticated-looking. In fact, telescope boxes are often used to ship high-end items such as technology products and electronics, in part because they tend to be very sturdy and thick boxes that can protect the items on the inside. If you need to ship an item somewhere that absolutely has to be well-protected against breakage and damages, the telescope box is the one you want.

  1. Mailer Boxes

If you’re shipping a smaller item, mailer boxes are for you. These boxes are actually made to fit into letterboxes, so they are very versatile and handy. If you plan to use regular postal services to send your package, these boxes are great because they can be conveniently left at someone’s front door, in the letterbox slot of a door, or even in the mailbox itself. Mailer boxes are a convenient size and can accommodate lots of different types of items, making them a great option for a variety of shipments.

  1. Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are so sturdy that you can stack them one on top of another and still protect the items inside of the boxes. They not only make great shipping boxes, but many people also use them to pack their belongings when they’re moving from one location to another. Extremely sturdy and reliable, you can pack both heavy and light items inside of the boxes, and they keep their shape despite what you put them through because they are just that durable and strong.