Finding a Job in the Asbestos Sector: What to Expect


There are hundreds of buildings throughout the UK that were built in the past century and many of these buildings were built using asbestos. Asbestos was a very popular construction material used in the 20th century. It rose to popularity in the early 1900s because it was so easily available and also cheap. It offered durability and was very reliable for bigger construction projects, making it a viable choice for many construction companies. However, it wasn’t until the end of the century that numerous studies were published highlighting the harmful effects of asbestos and why it should not be used at all.

By 1998, asbestos was banned for use as a construction material. However, even today, there are plenty of buildings throughout the country that were made with asbestos. In its natural state, asbestos isn’t harmful. However, it becomes a problem when the surface is scratched or damaged. If there’s a scratch on an asbestos surface, it releases asbestos fibres, which are incredibly harmful for human health. They can cause a variety of harmful diseases such as lung cancer. That’s why many of the buildings made from asbestos are subjected to yearly checks and surveys.

This has given rise to a whole different industry and has created a number of jobs in asbestos. Becoming a survey inspector or a professional asbestos consultant is a viable choice for people who are thinking of a steady career. Here are a few things that you should know about finding a job in the asbestos industry.

Nature of Job

Asbestos consultants and survey inspectors are required to visit different properties and buildings and then measure the amount of asbestos found in the buildings. If there are asbestos fibres in the air, the building will have to be sealed and the asbestos must be removed. You will be asked to travel around the country a lot and will have to carry out measurements using specialised tools. The job itself isn’t demanding or difficult but it does require you to move around frequently.

Steady Income

Many asbestos consultants and surveyors get a pretty steady income. You can start off as a consultant and once you get the hang of the job, you can even think about opening your own company. Many people require asbestos consultants and surveyors for checking out their properties from time to time. For instance, those who are planning to invest in a new building might want to get a check conducted first in order to ensure that there are no traces of asbestos found in the building. These are a few things that you should know about getting a job in the asbestos sector.