How to Buy Health Insurance Plans Online 1

How to Buy Health Insurance Plans Online

Till date, there are many individuals in India, who still fail to realize the benefits and features that health insurance plans entail. In fact, they believe that payment premiums are additional expenditures in their seemingly long list of expenses. However, the reality is that health insurance plans purchased online serve to be very beneficial with regards to getting cover for availing medical treatment at networked facilities.

Know Everything about Health Insurance

Given below are some important things to know about health insurance plans as you proceed to buy them online. Insurance aggregator websites like help you compare and buy different types of health coverage as per your immediate and long-term needs; along with assisting you in calculating the premium amount beforehand.

1. Health Insurance Plans are a Necessity

Though health plans are beneficial for people living in towns and cities across India, they serve to be more beneficial for those residing in metropolises like Mumbai, Kolkata, etc. This is because the incidence of lifestyle and medical ailments is considerably higher in urban places courtesy rising pollution levels, busy schedules, stress, lack of physical activities, etc. More so, the costs of medical treatment at non-networked medical facilities can be prohibitively high, thereby making health insurance policies a necessity rather than a luxury.

2. Early Diagnosis via Cashless Modes

Most health insurance plans offer free health check-up camps for the early diagnosis and care of certain diseases. As the diseases tend to get detected earlier on in life, it becomes easy for the insured person to avail cashless medical facilities in good time. In certain cases, health plans are known to provide maternity care, infant care, etc. for a predefined number of days after you have signed up for them – choose accordingly to gain the said benefits after you have incurred the expenses.

3. Hospital Network

All health insurance plans are backed by a unique set of cashless hospitals that form a part of their network. These hospitals and nursing homes offer cashless treatment to the insured policyholder and the family members who are under the same plan.

4. Types of Medical Cases Covered

While some health insurance plans cover terminal illnesses, others don’t. Similarly, there are quite a few cover plans that do not provide protection for accidental cases. It is well advised that you get in touch with the representatives of the health insurance company in the reckoning and also understand the benefits and features of specific plans to gain a clearer picture.

5. Capping on Room Rent

Most health insurance plans provide room rent capping through which it is possible for the insured person to claim the expenditure for room rent to an extent permitted. There will be other expenses too that are components of room rent capping; in the long run, these expenses are known to reduce the amount of claim.

6. Co-pay

Co-payment health insurances plans are those policies wherein the insured person becomes liable to pay a certain sum of the treatment expenditure. The amount for the co-payment would vary from one policy to another and would depend on the overall treatment costs. It is recommended that you opt for the plan that necessitates the least sum for co-payment to reap rich benefits.

7. Inflation

This health insurance factor will not be found in any policy document or the terms and conditions of health coverage. It is important to assess the rate of inflation yourself to ascertain the real value of the benefits provided. A sum assured that looks attractive in today’s scenario may reduce in future because of price escalations.

Is Your Provider Giving You the Best Benefits?

Regardless of whether you choose to buy an individual health insurance plan, a family floater health plan, or corporate health insurance plans, you have to be doubly sure that you are not being taken for a ride by your health insurance company. It is therefore essential to check on all the features and benefits of the health insurance plans shortlisted by you by comparing them online. It is equally essential to understand the features of various add-ons to determine if they can escalate the coverage value of your plan in an affordable way.

Last Word

Do ask for the No Claim Bonus rider wherein you will be eligible to get a bonus in the form of reduced premium if you do not make any claim in a specific year. Once you are convinced that you are getting all the benefits as deserved, go ahead and buy health insurance plans online at to get the coverage you need.

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